Mesa Ketamine Assisted Treatments Help Relieve Symptoms Of PTSD & Depression!

Apr 10, 2024

If you struggle with mental health challenges, Inner Alchemy Integrated Health (+1 480 382 2565) offers ketamine-assisted therapy for the treatment of depression, PTSD, and other mental disorders.

If you've tried conventional treatments for depression or PTSD without success, it may be time to experience the difference ketamine can make in your life! At Inner Alchemy Integrated Health, you'll find ketamine-assisted treatments and compassionate guidance.

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The ketamine-assisted therapies are administered by qualified psychiatric nurse practitioners and are suitable for patients experiencing a wide spectrum of mental health challenges, difficult life circumstances, and manifestations of illness.

With recent evidence mounting regarding the efficacy of ketamine to treat many common conditions, the therapies at Inner Alchemy Integrated Health focus on providing you with science-backed medical treatments in a restful, nurturing environment.

Get Individualized Care

A 2022 study published in Cureus shows that ketamine can provide rapid relief for treatment-resistant depression, suicidal ideations, substance use disorders or addiction, and PTSD. At Inner Alchemy Integrated Health, you'll receive individualized attention and custom treatment plans to support healing and overall wellness.

“From our first point of contact, our intention is to create a safe, nurturing environment for your relief and healing,” says a spokesperson for the center. “Our mission is to guide and support your psychological and emotional wellbeing, while monitoring your physical health throughout your journey in a compassionate, human, heart-centered way.”

Move Freely & Relax

Although ketamine can be administered in a number of ways, with the most common methods being intravenous or intramuscular, treatments at Inner Alchemy Integrated Health are given intramuscularly, so that you can move in a relaxed way without the impediment of an IV drip.

Noting that the purpose and function of ketamine is to relax, reset, and soothe your nervous system, the team works to ensure that all aspects of the experience facilitate a tranquil mental and physical state.

Assimilate & Heal

During ketamine assisted sessions, you'll be accompanied along each step of the way by a trained facilitator, in a quiet, ambient space. Music, essential oils, supportive conversation, cozy blankets, and ceremonial practices are used to help assimilate your experience.

Previous clients have positive reviews for the ketamine assisted therapies at the center. “I participated in a ketamine treatment with Drs. Amalia Baca and Katie Walsh,” says Tom N. “I had a beautiful experience and felt very supported throughout the session. Both practitioners were very understanding.”

Start your healing journey to mental wellness with the team at Inner Alchemy Integrated Health!

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