Best Guide To Prevent Child Abuse & Exploitation Globally By Author Clif Taylor

Aug 23, 2022

Find out how you can help to prevent child abuse and exploitation around the world, in this step-by-step guide from author and publisher Clif Taylor.

Best Guide To Prevent Child Abuse & Exploitation Globally By Author Clif Taylor

Every single day, an average of 400 children are the victims of abuse, rape, and assault.

It can seem like an impossible problem to solve, with many of the abuses happening far away, and almost all of them hidden - but there are still ways that you and I can help.

Connected Spirit Publications, publisher of books and stories that empower, inspire, unite, and uplift the mind, body, heart, and spirit, has announced the release of a very important Public Service publication titled Somebody Has to Protect the Children - for parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, counselors, guardians, and anyone who cares about our children.

Visit to find a digital copy of Clif Taylor's newest book, Somebody Has To Protect The Children.

Since 2006, Connected Spirit Publications (CSP) publisher Clif Taylor, who considers himself as much a messenger as an author and publisher, has written, edited, and published a wide range of books and stories. Diverse in genre and message, Connected Spirit Publications books are typically devoted to spotlighting the gifts, challenges, and wonderment that life brings us.

Somebody Has to Protect the Children is a departure from CSP’s uplifting “voice” in that it’s an outreach and outcry to society to speak up and help children who have been victims of - or are at risk of - sexual assault.

The uncomfortable, disturbing truths about the rape and sexual assault of children have prevented Connected Sprit Publications Publisher/Author Clif Taylor from being able to remain silent.

“Protecting the children will keep me at a roar because our children are worth it. Their innocent lives depend on the adults in their lives and it’s time for all of us to create a better world and life for them,” Taylor commented.

Known mostly as the author of children’s books like You Are, Match, Snowflake, and Oak Tree, Taylor writes and publishes for children to educate, enlighten, and entertain young readers while revealing the grandeur of nature and life.

“It’s important to me that every child experiences the blessings of life that surround them every day. That’s why CSP’s children’s books share messages of love, beauty, and inclusion. Somebody Has to Protect the Children is my way of asking all adults to help children experience the beauty life offers them without becoming victims of the ills that can befall them,” Taylor added.

Connected Spirit Publications is a reflection of its publisher, Clif Taylor - authentic, purpose-driven, and devoted to positively impacting people and our global environment through meaningful literary works and initiatives.

Somebody Has to Protect the Children is the basis for Taylor’s initiative VSC - Victim, Survivor, Conqueror. Still in early development, VSC presents Taylor’s proprietary 3-step process for transitioning from a victim (of any tragedy, including sexual assault), to a Survivor, and ultimately to a Conqueror.

“Being a survivor can happen naturally after living through a traumatic experience and learning how to move on. But conquering the trauma involves awareness of the ability to heal and the determination to discover how healing takes place,” Taylor shared.

Formed as the publishing house for Taylor’s first book Connect in 2006, Connected Spirit Publications is a collaborative publishing venture in association with Gold Leaf Press.

Taylor acquired the clarity to develop and publish “disruptive” books like Connect and Somebody Has to Protect the Children through his proprietary mindfulness technique - Clear, Calm, and Open.

As he embarked upon his mindfulness, heightened-intuition journey, Taylor discovered the role that reaching Clear, becoming Calm, and remaining Open plays in a person’s quest for balance, serenity, and enlightenment. From there, he sought creative literary avenues for sharing these ethereal messages with children and impactful societal applications for contributing to a heightened quality of life.

In effect, Connected Spirit Publications and his forthcoming initiative VSC were conceived through publisher/author/activist Clif Taylor’s discovery and application of the Clear, Calm, and Open technique and realized through his determination to positively contribute to humanity.

While no single person can solve a problem so large as the abuse of children worldwide - together, we can have such a large impact, there's no problem we can't solve.

There's no better place to start than with the children.

Visit to purchase a digital edition of Somebody Has to Protect the Children and to discover all of Connected Spirit Publications’ books.

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