Best Gas Strut Pass-Through Window Is Double Insulated For Energy Efficiency

Aug 10, 2023

OpenUp Windows have officially made the most insulated, UV-protected, stylish, and long-lasting commercial gas strut window on the market. Order one today!

OpenUp Windows knows you want service windows that can open up your business for your customers, and let all that beautiful light in, but you also want them to keep out the worst of the summer heat and to help you keep your energy bills down... that’s why they are proud to have created the ultimate insulated pass-through window for you.

OpenUp Windows have been passionately crafting pass-through windows for restaurants, bars, and other customer-facing spaces and businesses for almost four decades. Now, with their double insulated model, they are offering you the best in minimalist design aesthetics, the functional improvements of a service window, and the long-lasting durability and energy efficiency benefits of a highly insulated window.

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As the world watches its hottest summer unfold, OpenUp Windows appreciates that while windows are literally designed to let the sun and light in, they must also increasingly be able to block damaging UV rays and to stand the test of time against harsh conditions and long summers.

That’s why the engineering team at OpenUp Windows has sought to recreate their classic gas strut pass-through window in a more durable, energy-efficient, and sun-resistant form. To do so, the engineers at OpenUp are bringing you an innovative frame technology that they call their 2Fold Technology®, which combines sustainable Accoya® wood and durable extruded aluminum. As the team at OpenUp explains, both of these trusted building materials possess unique insulating properties, which, when used in tandem, will offer you the highest level of thermal resistance.

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To complement the natural insulation their carefully engineered frame offers you, the team at OpenUp Windows has also redesigned their glass window panes. Now, if you purchase a gas strut window from OpenUp, you will receive a window with two layers of tempered insulated glass with argon gas between them, an innovative insulating and UV-resistant solution. If your business is in a hotter sunnier climate, the engineering team also recommends their triple-silver soft electrolytically applied glass coating to you.

Beyond technical specifications, OpenUp Windows is confident that, if you install one or more of their gas strut pass-through windows, you will immediately notice a change in how your indoor and outdoor spaces are used, and how your patrons, customers, and clients connect with your space.

OpenUp Windows engineers their service windows in their boutique New York factory and they work with businesses across America.

A spokesperson for the commercial window makers said, “OpenUp’s engineers have invented a revolutionary new way to construct pass-through windows that combines the benefits of both wood and aluminum. It’s the best of both worlds, and we call it 2Fold Technology®. 2Fold Technology® ensures your window is built to last—making it the perfect combination of strength, thermal insulation, and natural beauty.”

The future of service windows has officially arrived with OpenUp’s double-insulated and fully UV-protected gas strut window.

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