Best Fashion Industry Network For Emerging Brands To Find Sublimation Printers

Jun 6, 2023

So, you’ve made the smart decision to use sublimation printing on your new line. On Fashion Index, you can easily connect with the exactly right sublimation printer for your brand to get your new line exactly right the first time!

If quality is a priority for your fashion brand, sublimation printing is a fantastic choice. It does come with a bit bigger overhead, but getting it perfect on the first run can save you from unnecessary costs.

Luckily, with Fashion Index's super simple platform, you can search for and connect with a sublimation printer that checks all your boxes and get your clothing line printed and out into the world, perfectly.

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✦ Sublimation Is Queen ✦

While sublimation printing can often be more costly than other printing techniques, it also lasts longer and does not crack or peel with wear and tear. Since this style of printing requires more upfront cost, it is important that fashion brands, especially newer entrepreneurs, partner with sublimation printers that meet their quality standards and production volume, aesthetic, and budgetary needs.

Quality, of course, is always a major concern. But what about location, years of experience, apparel expertise, style, sustainability, and all of your other concerns? On Fashion Index, you can use lots of search filters to find just the sublimation printers that suit you best.

✦ Fashion Index Has Your Back ✦

Fashion Index is dedicated to supporting fashion entrepreneurs by taking the guesswork out of locating and partnering with the most compatible sublimation printers (and every other facility, supplier, manufacturer, etc, etc) for their clothing lines. Through the platform, you can narrow your search results by using various filters, including location, production volume, target market, apparel categories, years in business, and sustainability, among others.

Once you narrow your search to the most compatible businesses, you can learn more about each business by reading their detailed profile. Each business profile on Fashion Index includes a business overview, a list of the company's expertise, their offered services, apparel market experience, current and past partnerships, and more.

Fashion Index makes connecting with a sublimation printer, or any other business, straightforward and simple by allowing you to contact them directly through the platform. Just a few clicks and you can send your initial message to start the dialogue that could lead to a long, fruitful business partnership!

✦ About Fashion Index ✦

Fashion Index is a B2B and B2C networking platform designed to help fashion industry professionals connect with the people and resources they need to build a robust business. Through the platform, users can view listings for fashion suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, consultants, and more. Users can also stay up-to-date on evolving fashion trends and fashion business practices through Fashion Index's original blog series available on the website, and its regular social media content.

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