Best Drywall Repairs Company In Hutto: Fix Doorknob Holes & Mice Damage

Apr 15, 2023

Is your drywall looking a little worse for wear? If the kids have made their mark one too many times and your walls are starting to resemble target practice, give Ely’s Painting and Home Services a call. The finest handyman services in Austin, TX!

Best Drywall Repairs Company In Hutto: Fix Doorknob Holes & Mice Damage

Need drywall services in the Austin, TX area? There's only name you need to know - Ely's Painting and Home Services! Get in touch today for a free consultation and quote.

The company provides you with expertise in all manner of drywall issues, from small touch-ups to full-scale repairs or replacements. The services are complemented by a comprehensive range of interior and exterior construction and decorator solutions. Time for that home makeover? Or time to start checking off all those little DIY jobs that never get done?

From irksome irrigation to damaged drywall, Ely's Painting and Home Services can do it all! More details at

From final touches on a large-scale remodeling project to treating areas of wear and tear, the company brings fastidious attention to detail along with the highest levels of professionalism and customer care. You're in safe hands with this top team.

Drywall is a common type of rigid finishing material used in construction to cover the interior walls of buildings. This material offers an alternative to the more traditional coatings of mortar or plaster. In addition to basic paneling, you can also use drywall to create more sophisticated architectural design features such as arches and eaves.

The Ely technicians can provide drywall repair solutions for a range of common problems including damage done by your kids or pets, moisture ingress, and cracks caused by settling. In addition, the team offers you both wainscoting and recessed paneling depending on your preference.

If you want to hang heavy picture frames or mirrors, the company can provide robust drywall anchors to ensure that all your hanging items are secure while also repairing nail holes from any previous mounts.

About Ely's Painting and Home Services

Led by Austin, TX native Ely Rodriguez, the company brings many years of experience in home maintenance and installation solutions. All work is carried out in accordance with both local and state regulations, providing assurance to a growing customer base of best practices and consummate craftsmanship. In addition to its drywall services, the company also offers irrigation remediation, window installation, and painting.

A spokesperson says, “Our skilled repair professionals have approximately one decade of experience in detail trades, so you can rely upon us to aid with various repair and renovation jobs around your residential property.”

For more info, and to arrange your free consultation and quote, you can call 512-565-2694 or go to

Give your home a facelift this year courtesy of Ely's Painting and Home Services!

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