Austin Exterior Painting & Paint Remedies Contractor For Increased Home Value

Apr 15, 2023

Are you ready to sell your house? Or does your home just need a facelift? Ely’s Painting and Home Services (512-565-2694) in Austin, Texas, can help you paint and repair the exterior of your home to give it that look you’re going for!

Austin Exterior Painting & Paint Remedies Contractor For Increased Home Value

Did you know that exterior house painting is the easiest way to add fresh details to your house and make it look brand new? Whether you’re putting your house on the market or just want a new look for your home, Ely’s Painting and Home Services can help you refresh the look and feel of your house. The company specializes in high-end exterior painting, including professionally-managed preparation, painting, cleaning, and inspection. They also provide paint remedies for those many imperfections that accumulate, such as peeling, flaking, cracking, bubbling, chalking, and mildew in the exterior paint or siding.

If you’re ready to improve your home’s curb appeal, check them out at:

As an industry leader in exterior painting, the company’s team of experienced painting professionals helps customers like you improve the appearance and functionality of your home. The company is based in Austin, TX, but is pretty mobile and serves customers in a 50-mile range throughout Central Texas in the Waco, Fort Worth, Brenham, Fredericksburg, and College Station areas.

Are you ready for a crazy fact? Nearly half of U.S. homes were built before 1980, and 38% were built before 1970! As the median age of homes in the U.S. increases, the need for improvements to the appearance of homes also continues to grow - and the top way to improve your home is to repaint its exterior. It’s not just about the look of your home (though that’s certainly important), it’s also about protecting your home from damage. House exteriors need to be repainted every 5 to 10 years to prevent the impacts of sun and wind exposure from damaging the structure of your home.

Exterior paint protects your home by giving it an extra layer against inclement weather, critters, and other things that can compromise the architecture of your home and penetrate your walls. Regularly applying exterior paint also protects your house's siding from wind and sun damage, which is especially helpful since replacing your siding can cost thousands of dollars!

Ely’s Painting and Home Services has a skilled team of painters that works with you to identify areas that need painting or repair. They either then power-wash or hand-clean those areas to remove dirt and mold, before removing loosened paint, scuff-sanding, and caulking voids to prevent water damage. The repaired locations are finally topped before premium-quality paint is applied to your home exterior to produce a consistent finish and give your home that extra pop you’ve been wanting it to have.

Ely’s Painting and Home Services offers a free consultation and quote for your exterior home painting project. The company also offers a range of additional services, like interior house painting, in case you want to paint the inside of your house or repair splits and openings in your ceilings and wall surfaces.

As a leader in exterior painting and contracting, Ely’s Painting and Home Services is committed to excellence in residential painting and home improvement. They have excellent customer service and a 5-star rating.

A satisfied customer said: “I highly recommend Ely's Painting and Home Service. They are very friendly, professional, and easy to work with. They take pride in their work and are true perfectionists. Ely's Painting was able to take on our project with short notice and did a fantastic job.”

If you’re ready to refresh the look of your house or fix those nagging imperfections, you can check them out at:

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