Best Drug Rehab Center in Ventura, CA Offers Relapse Prevention Solutions

Apr 30, 2021

Divinity Recovery in Ventura, California, announces that its drug relapse prevention services have been updated to include compassionate mental healthcare.

When was the last time you treated yourself to good, healthy care? If you’ve been struggling with your drug addiction, there is a center that can help you. 

Divinity Recovery, an addiction rehab specialist center in Ventura, California, announces its updated relapse prevention services to include behavioral programs that supports you towards sobriety. The psychological services include cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma resiliency modeling, and somatic experiencing, among others. 

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The relapse prevention services were updated to match the latest psychological research on substance abuse and addiction. Experts recommend a multi-faceted approach in treating patients, from immediate drug intervention to sustained behavioral and psychological support. 

Substance abuse is one of the leading causes of mental illness in the country, according to certain studies. 

Divinity Recovery guides you to beat your drug addiction through carefully planned and compassionate services. Unlike other addiction rehab centers, Divinity Recovery emphasizes the importance of the community in achieving drug sobriety. All patients are encouraged to find a support system either from their family and friends or through fellow patients in the center.

The updated relapse prevention services are part of the center’s outpatient treatment modalities. These treatments typically last for one to three days at nine hours or less per week. They are recommended for those who are still hesitant on visiting a drug rehab center.

Divinity Recovery offers other substance addiction treatments, including a partial hospitalization program and an intensive outpatient program. Before any treatment, the healthcare specialists at the center consult with either you or your family to determine the most suitable treatment plan for you. 

With the updated service, Divinity Recovery continues its mission to provide integrative recovery and behavioral health services to individuals and families struggling with their substance abuse. 

A recovered patient wrote, “I can never thank the staff and everyone else for helping me find my way out of the addictions that were sucking the soul out of my life. They are all supportive and always available to help.”

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