Best Decluttering Guide To Save Money Moving: Free Estimates For NYC Top Movers

Sep 20, 2023

Did you know you can save a ton of money by decluttering your home before you move? It means less to pack, less to carry, and fewer trips with the truck. This quick guide from can help, and it provides free moving crew quotes.

Take a look around your home, right now, and tell me - do you need all of this stuff?

No, that's not quite the right question, I mean, do you want all of this stuff?

I'm not trying to suggest that you should start throwing stuff out all willy-nilly - but did you know that getting rid of some of those knick-knacks could actually save you a bunch of money?

At least, if you're planning to move soon it can - especially if you're hiring a professional moving crew.

That's because getting rid of some stuff means there's less to pack, less to carry, and less to unpack in your new house - and every little bit counts. If you're wondering how much it can save you, well, it depends on how much stuff you may get rid of.

If you think you can estimate how much stuff you might get rid of, why not find out? Click right here to go to and see their free decluttering guide - and in a minute, I'll tell you how to use their website to estimate the cost of your move, and how much you can save.

For most people, decluttering isn't so easy. That's why made a whole guide to walk you through the process. It can help you decide what you need to keep, what should get the boot - and whether it's even worth all the effort.

Their guide explains everything in detail, and it has a few different strategies you can try.

Here's one aggressive strategy I like personally, but then, I need an aggressive strategy. If you have way too much stuff, like me, try this:

Start by picturing your new home, and everything you actually need there - then create a “moving checklist.”

Now, if anything isn't on your moving checklist, get rid of it.

I did say it was an aggressive strategy, but some of us need that - just remember to check each item not on your list before you toss it, in case you do need it, and just forgot.

I know that strategy isn't for everyone though - and so do the experts at That's why they included several different techniques. Here's one that takes a little longer, and is a lot more thorough.

With this technique, instead of making a list of items you need, you would go through your whole house, item by item, and list the ones you want to keep. Admittedly, this is a pretty slow process - but it is definitely comprehensive.

I'm not going to talk about every strategy in the guide - if you want to know more, just click right here and read it, it's free.

Instead, I want to talk about why decluttering matters - and I don't just mean because the place is a mess, or you've run out of shelf space. In this case, it matters because it will cost or save you money.

I don't need to explain how having less stuff to pack and move will save you money with a professional mover, that's obvious. Less to carry and fewer trips equals less cost, simple.

But how much less?

To figure that out, we'll need to figure out how much it would cost in the first place, but luckily, that's easy.

You can click right here to go to a neat tool that I've only been able to find on

It's their Free Quote Request tool, and it's pretty amazing.

All you have to do is enter some basic details about your move, just once - and they'll send it to a bunch of the top-rated movers in NYC. Those top-rated movers will each send back a price quote, based on the details you entered.

You can get up to 7 quotes absolutely free and with no obligation, from filling out a single form, just once. I said it was easy, right?

Read the full guide, get your free quotes, or find other free tips from, at

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