Best Communication Training For Music Professionals: Virtual Personal Coaching

Apr 14, 2022

Is your lack of confidence in front of the camera hurting the effectiveness of your communication? Call Amy Scruggs Media today (800-643-1824) for online coaching designed to help professionals in the music industry succeed!

Best Communication Training For Music Professionals: Virtual Personal Coaching

"Lights, camera, ACTION!" You've prepared what you wanted to say more times than you can count, but here you are, with shaky legs and sweaty palms. Imagine stepping in front of the camera with your head held high and with such a level of confidence that even making a mistake won't scare you! Amy Scruggs Media can coach you to make this scenario become your reality!

The company’s media coaching services are designed to equip Music Industry professionals with the tools they need to boost their radio and television interviewing skills. By learning strategic methods of communication, you will be able to improve the efficacy of your marketing efforts.

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Amy Scruggs Media’s coaching includes live and virtual sessions that will show you how to utilize body language, facial expressions, and other gestures to your advantage. By doing so, you will also be able to increase your confidence and level of comfort in front of the camera.

Research has pointed to the fact that effective communication comprises a combination of several elements. According to research, each factor has a level of importance in determining what makes a presentation strong - 38% comes from the speaker’s voice, 55% from their non-verbal cues, and 7% from the content itself.

With Coach Amy’s guidance, you will discover how to create an attention-grabbing narrative that will keep your listeners engaged, how to present a professional image in an array of situations, and how to construct a message that is to the point and easy to understand.

Vital digital and social media marketing tips will be shared with you so you can learn to use effective branding that will expand your growth. Amy will also teach you how to conduct an interesting interview, which equipment to use, and how to interact with your listeners.

Amy Scruggs has over 20 years of experience as a communication professional and wrote “Lights Camera Action”, a lesson book revealing various communication techniques. If you sign up for her coaching services, you will receive a copy of her book.

A satisfied client said: “I knew I needed to expand my media presence to the world stage, but for years, I resisted getting in front of the camera because it was uncomfortable. Then Amy Scruggs invited me to a bigger life as my on-camera coach and media strategist, and everything changed. I began to attract and land audiences with my ideal customers and partners.”

Amy from Amy Scruggs Media will take your communication skills to the next level so you can conquer the world! Call her today at 800-643-1824 for a free consultation!

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