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Sep 27, 2021

To help people adapt to today’s virtual world, TV host Amy Scruggs is providing media coaching workshops that’ll help you feel comfortable and confident speaking on camera.

Consider yourself camera shy? Become camera confident with me!

Whether you want to appear on TV, create video materials for your business or simply learn how to make an impact on Zoom, I can help you with my new private and team-based coaching program.

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If you're ready to present a more professional image on-screen, you've come to the right place. Using everything I've learned throughout my TV career, I'll give you tailored coaching that empowers you to communicate more effectively and feel more confident in front of a camera.

During each session, you'll be shown how to deliver a precise and impactful message. I also teach how to use body language, offer advice on what to wear, and coach you on what to say. I can even advise on lighting setups, camera equipment, and video call backgrounds to give your presentation added oomph.

Want in? Hop on a call with me. You can schedule a consultation call via my website. During the 30 minute call, I'll review your needs and goals and get to work on alleviating your on-camera nerves.

This is my promise to you: after coaching, you will be able to deliver your company message on Network TV with confidence, present videos for your brand, and improve your public speaking skills. Many of my previous clients say they have attracted new customers, reached bigger audiences, and developed more effective marketing campaigns as a result of the training. And guess what? You can too!

Here's what you should know: Virtual Presentation Skills have become one of the most important tools to have as a businessperson, and are the primary method of branding, marketing, and messaging today. Mastering how to shine when you are on a virtual call, filming a video, or being interviewed can propel your business and career to new heights - and I'll help you get there.

About Me

I am best known as a TV personality. I am also a media coach and strategist and the author of “Lights Camera Action”, a book about having confidence on camera. I have worked with many Fortune 500 companies and am passionate about empowering business people to confidently present themselves.

Are you ready to be camera confident?

Go to if you would like more info on the launch of my new media coaching workshops.

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