Best Christmas Fundraising Campaign Products In Solon, OH: Get Custom Candles

This holiday season, your company can spread its charitable cheer even further with Solon, Ohio’s Flame Fanatic, and their new custom fundraising products.

Best Christmas Fundraising Campaign Products In Solon, OH: Get Custom Candles

Bring a literal Christmas glow to the hearts of your employees and the charities you support this holiday season with Flame Fanatic’s fundraising candles.

The leading new fundraising item that Flame Fanatic is offering companies and organizations is their color-changing candle. This premium, handcrafted candle will bring your company a warming dose of festive cheer this holiday season and will allow you to fundraise for the charities that are nearest and dearest to you.

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The launch coincides with a recent article published by American Express on the benefits of corporate giving. In particular, citing the latest research from Deloitte, they revealed that 62% of employees are now looking to work for companies with volunteering and charity commitments. Moreover, American Express argued that corporate giving showcases how small businesses like yours can truly make the US and the world a better place, while also gaining customer support and creating positive brand awareness.

Flame Fanatic is confident that fundraising is, therefore, an excellent way for your small business to showcase your ethical commitments and unite your employees, customer or client base, and community.

Especially during the holiday season, which is a perfect time to demonstrate your corporate virtues of giving and generosity, Flame Fanatic’s high-quality candles can be the starting point for an effective fundraising campaign.

Their color-changing candles can be completely customized to suit your company or organization’s branding and image, and you are able to choose your candles' two featured colors, scent and exterior logo and branding.

As such, as a fundraising item, they can visually raise brand recognition while allowing your company to make a substantial donation to your charity or NGO of choice.

As Flame Fanatic produces their candles exclusively as a fundraising product, they offer you no upfront costs, no minimum order and the ability to earn—and therefore donate—50% profit from the recommended retail price of every candle sold.

Flame Fanatic’s candles are handcrafted and poured in the US from a premium clean-burning wax blend.

The custom fundraising items retailer is based out of Solon and they work with companies, organizations, schools and universities throughout Cleveland.

A spokesperson for the company said, “The candles you select for your fundraiser will be made just for you: choose the color combination that fits your corporate branding and we’ll design custom metallic-foil labels with your logo. You’ll have a truly unique, magical candle, just for your business.”

Make sure your giving spirit burns brightly this holiday season with Flame Fanatic.

Visit to see how their fundraising items can unite your corporate community for a common cause this Christmas.

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