Streetsboro Schools Sell Color Changing Candles With Personalized Labels

Mar 10, 2023

Streetsboro’s Flame Fanatic has a new way to do fundraising, no-hassle gift giving, and brand awareness campaigns with its custom color-changing candles.

Streetsboro Schools Sell Color Changing Candles With Personalized Labels

While they’re not quite an eternal flame, your organization will be eternally grateful for Flame Fanatic’s long-burning, handcrafted, and color-changing fundraising candles!

The candlemakers offer schools, universities, and companies like yours the opportunity to launch an original and profitable fundraising drive through the sale of their unique color-changing candles. Flame Fanatic has a series of fundraising packages and more personalization options to offer you in order to ensure that your fundraising drive is both a financial success and a boon to your brand or name awareness.

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Understanding that schools, universities, and community groups like yours are more reliant on fundraising than ever to meet funding shortfalls, Flame Fanatic appreciates you need more innovative and exciting ways to fundraise.

They believe that their color-changing candles, which you can order with no upfront cost and with no minimum order, represent an efficient and effective new way for you to generate substantial fundraising income. Flame Fanatic is also able to help you earn 50% profit on every candle sold.

The brand’s one-of-a-kind candles will be made in the two colors that best capture the style guide of your institution. The candles change color when they are being burned and then return to their original color when cooled.

Flame Fanatic’s premium candles are made from a clean-burning premium wax blend and are infused with a custom-blended premium fragrance essential oil. Flame Fanatic can also offer you personalized foil labels for their sturdy and timeless glass jar candles.

The manufacturer and retailer have two sizes of candles for you to choose from, 8-oz and 1.5-oz.

Flame Fanatic can work with your school, university, or community group to help you develop and implement your fundraising plan. They also work with local companies like yours, if you want to fundraise for a charitable cause or if you are looking for a no-hassle gift-giving program for your employees, clients, stakeholders, and more.

A spokesperson for the candlemakers said, “The candles for your fundraiser are made just for you: choose the color combination that fits your group, and we’ll design custom metallic-foil labels with your logo, and you’ll have a truly unique, magical candle, just for your group.”

Flame Fanatic wants to help you get fired up about fundraising with their premium color-changing candles.

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