Get Branded Eco-Friendly Magic Color Candles For Aurora, OH Fundraisers

Mar 25, 2023

Trying to raise money for your next fundraiser, but not sure how to stand out? These magical candles are the ideal solution – and can perfectly match any brand!

Get Branded Eco-Friendly Magic Color Candles For Aurora, OH Fundraisers

If you want to add a little bit of magic to your next fundraiser, Flame Fanatic will quickly set you apart. This innovative candle-making company offers hand-crafted, color-changing candles that can be personalized with your organization's logo.

Whether you're raising money for your school, business, or favorite charity, they're sure to add some excitement to your fundraising efforts.

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The company focuses on streamlining the fundraising process, making things as easy as possible for you. Best of all, there is no upfront cost and no minimum order requirement.

The hand-crafted candles come in a cream white - but as they burn, they change color to match your brand image, and when they cool, they revert to a cream white again.

This is achieved through the infusion of a proprietary wax blend and ColorSine® technology. The 'magic' color-change feature combined with custom-crafted fragrances expand together in unison as the candle burns. Fragrances have been tailored to include top, middle, and bottom notes to enhance the sensory experience for your customers.

The candles are designed and made in a small, family-run studio outside Cleveland, Ohio. Available in two different sizes, the color-changing products are bespoke and made to order. The clean-burning wax blend and lead-free fiber wicks are part of Flame Fanatic's focus on planet-friendly candle creation.

They can be offered as gifts to your donors or sold in stores, Flame Fanatic explains. They are suitable for any occasion and can attract attention through live demonstrations to assist with fundraising campaigns of all sizes.

All you have to do is send a spreadsheet with participant details, and the company manages the orders. Flame Fanatic will also create a personalized landing page for you, allowing the candles to be purchased year-round and promoted on social channels.

A recent customer said: "I don’t usually write reviews, but these candles are great and I had to share. They smell wonderful and are fun to watch burn. Thank you for making such great candles."

The company explains that its candles have been sold in universities, and boutique stores throughout the state, and given as corporate gifts.

Are you looking to take your next fundraiser to new heights? You're one click away!

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