Best Burgers & Pizzas in Milwaukee Rivalry Sports Bar Restaurant With River Views Launched

Nov 9, 2016

Rivaly, a unique new sports bar and restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has launched, offering customers the chance to eat and drink alongside rival sports fans for local derby games. It specializes in burgers, pizzas and brunch.

A new sports bar and restaurant is set to launch in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offering a unique twist to the familiar staples of burgers, pizza and weekend brunch. Called Rivalry, the concept is based on fans from local Milwaukee and Wisconsin sports teams being seated in one area and a separate area being used for rival Chicago and Illinois fans. The bar was designed as a way to bring more excitement to game day when teams are playing their rivals, offering fun and entertaining atmosphere for diners and drinkers.

More information can be found on the Rivalry website at:

The site explains that the bar and restaurant will open at the end of October, to be located in downtown Milwaukee in the Third Ward, with an expansive outdoor patio on the Milwaukee River. It goes on to say that the unique concept has never been done before in Milwaukee or anywhere else in the US.

Specialties at the dual themed sports bar include pizzas burgers, brunch, cocktails and more. Customers can eat and drink alongside the river with picturesque views of the downtown Milwaukee skyline, and the patio has been uniquely designed for comfort and use for ten months out of the year.

An example menu is provided on site, which includes dishes like deep dish and thin crust pizza, hamburger and cheeseburgers, brats and hot dogs, and cheese curds. Hearty meals like Italian Beef and Braised Pot Roast are available, alongside lighter options such as salads.

Rivalry explains that pizza in Milwaukee is a very important food, loved by many across the city. The site emphasizes that great care goes into making the pizzas at Rivalry, with high quality ingredients at the heart of the recipe. For customers wanting to enjoy Rivalry pizza in the comfort of their own home, they can order takeaway and the restaurant will deliver it directly to their door.

In similar fashion, the Rivalry site emphasises that they strive to produce the best burgers in Milwaukee, with a large range of toppings available to allow customers to make their burger their own.

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