Best Birth Injury Lawyers In Cherry Hill Get Justice For Cerebral Palsy Victims

Mar 21, 2023

NJ Injury Guys (856-272-7895) are New Jersey’s most dedicated and determined birth injury and medical malpractice attorneys. If you have a child with cerebral palsy, they should be your first port of call.

Best Birth Injury Lawyers In Cherry Hill Get Justice For Cerebral Palsy Victims

If your life and that of your child have been changed forever because of a birth injury that has led to cerebral palsy, you need NJ Injury Guys Cherry Hill.

The medical malpractice attorneys are reaching out to parents like you, if you are raising an infant or child that has the condition because of a birth injury or another form of medical malpractice. NJ Injury Guys Cherry Hill appreciates that cerebral palsy is a condition with lifelong implications for both your injured infant and for your whole family, and they believe that compensation should be fought for in the case of all birth injuries.

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According to the latest figures from the CDC, the prevalence of cerebral palsy is from 1 to 4 per 1000 children, making it the most widespread cause of childhood disability.

Although the disorder can be caused by a genetic mutation, in many cases it is caused by medical errors and malpractice. This may include your supervising doctor having failed to perform your C-section in a timely manner, leading to oxygen deprivation. Other reasons may include the supervising physician failing to respond to fetal distress, such as the umbilical cord being wrapped around your baby’s neck. Likewise, cerebral palsy may be the outcome of a physician and hospital simply failing to adequately monitor your baby and yourself during labor and delivery.

NJ Injury Guys Cherry Hill assures you that all cerebral palsy cases will be taken on a no-win, no-fee contingency mode of representation.

The experienced attorneys can help you sue for damages within the first two years of your child’s life. They can help you seek compensation that covers ongoing physical therapy, occupational therapy, special education costs, speech coaching, medication, wheelchairs, and more.

NJ Injury Guys Cherry Hill is the Cherry Hill office of New Jersey’s largest collective of personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys.

A spokesperson for the lawyers said, “If your child’s birth injury has led to a cerebral palsy diagnosis, you may be able to file a claim. Our attorneys offer free consultations for personal injury cases, such as a birth injury or cerebral palsy case. Our lawyers know that filing a lawsuit can be stressful and understand the importance of building an attorney-client relationship for sensitive cases such as those involving your child’s birth injuries.”

NJ Injury Guys Cherry Hill is dedicated to getting you, your baby and your family the justice you deserve.

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