Best Auto Repair In Buena Park: Get Suspension & Fiberglass Windshield Repair

Oct 6, 2023

Have you been involved in a recent car accident? You’ll be back on the road in no time with Carmona’s Collison Repair (714-871-3237) auto body repair service.

You finally bought the car of your dreams only to get in a traffic accident a few days later. Now your dream car is no more than a metal death trap, glaring at you from the driveway in its unusable form. You are distraught, dejected, despondent... doomed some might say. You need help restoring your car to its former glory. For a service you can trust, choose Carmona's Collision Repair!

The company is committed to providing you with accurate job estimations, using state-of-the-art estimating software. There's nothing worse than being met with a surprise bill at the end of a service, which is why Carmona's mechanics calculate precise labor costs before any work begins. Committed to performing full and detailed inspections, the experts at Carmona’s Collision carefully examine your car, including any frame damage, abnormal leaks, noise, and smoke to provide you with accurate repair plans, including associated costs.

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The company offers a wide range of auto body repair services, including four-wheel alignment, suspension repairs, fiberglass windshield repairs, and heavy-duty frame straightening. As part of their rigorous inspection process, the mechanics at Carmona’s Collision will also check for any damage to your airbags and SRS sensors, restoring them to full functionality. The company prides itself on listening carefully to you - the customer - who knows your car best! No damage goes noticed with Carmona’s Collision Repair!

Wheel and tire work is also included in the service to ensure your safety when back out on the road. According to research from Batta Fulkerson Law Group, tire blowouts cause more than 78,000 crashes per year in the US and are responsible for more than 400 deaths. Carmona’s Collision understands the importance of tires in vehicle safety, ensuring a comprehensive and properly executed repair.

Another element of the company’s auto body repair offering is a towing service at the point of an accident. Post-accident, the company is on hand to assist you with insurance claims processing, providing expert advice on how to secure a successful claim.

About Carmona’s Collison Repair

Carmona’s Collision Repair is a family-run business, owned and operated by Rudy and Tina Carmona. Serving communities in the area for over 33 years, the pair is committed to providing a stress-free repair service that gets drivers back on the road as quickly, and safely, as possible.

One satisfied customer said: “My daughter bought a new car and had it for 3 days when debris from a semi-truck struck the hood and windshield. The hood had to be painted and the windshield replaced. Carmona's took care of everything, from the rental car to dealing with the insurance company. The paint job and windshield replacement, as well as the recalibration of the lane assist camera, was done perfectly!”

For car repairs you can trust, check out Carmona's Collision Repair. Book your repair estimate today at

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