Best Anti-Aging Buccal Massage In Huntington Beach Is A Natural Facelift

Mar 6, 2024

Rejuvenate your skin from the inside out at Agnes Beauty and Wellness (714-604-3449). Huntington Beach’s most holistic luxury spa is now doing naturally face-lifting buccal massages.

Celebrities like Meghan Markle, J. Lo, Kate Moss and Kristen Bell all swear by the buccal massage and now you can enjoy this ultimate inner facial at Agnes Beauty and Wellness.

Experience the ultimate in natural face sculpting and lifting at 

Buccal Massage, The Natural Face Lift

Agnes Beauty and Wellness is excited to be adding buccal massage to their roster of holistic and natural beauty treatments. This innovative and increasingly popular massage style has been dubbed ‘the natural facelift’—Vogue magazine called it the number one insider facelift technique of the skincare world last year—and it promises you both a restorative and relaxing experience and visible anti-aging effects.

Buccal Meets Kobido Massage

With the spa’s new buccal massage, they will offer you a holistic face, neck and shoulder treatment that combines the massage style’s unique intra-oral deep tissue massage with Kobido face lymphatic massage techniques—a popular traditional technique that is designed to improve your circulation, detoxify your body and encourage skin cell turnover. 

The goal of this lifting, circulation-improving and relaxing massage is to retrain the muscles of your face and your neck and to naturally encourage the production of collagen for younger, brighter and fuller-looking skin. 

As Agnes Grumslys, the owner of the beauty center, said of the new treatment, “The face sculptural lifting technique provided through buccal massage promotes self-healing in the skin and removes blockages where toxic waste becomes trapped, ultimately helping and improving skin function. It also helps to de-puff, soften deep lines and wrinkles, firm, tighten, lift and improve the posture of the face.” 

A Relaxing & Restorative Experience

If you’re one of the some 12% of adults who have a TMJ disorder, this massage is also deeply beneficial as it helps to release tension, reduce pain and encourage better alignment. 

In addition to providing visible anti-aging results, Agnes of Agnes Beauty and Wellness has also designed her buccal massage to be a genuinely healing experience where you can relax fully and shed the tensions of daily life that often get stored in the jaw, neck and shoulders. 

About Agnes Beauty and Wellness

Agnes Beauty and Wellness is the renowned natural beauty center of Agnes Grumslys, one of California’s leading estheticians. They have a holistic wellness ethos which informs everything they do. 

Agnes added, “Our mission is to empower confident professionals by incorporating a whole-body integrative approach for implementing a healthier lifestyle through schedule-friendly customized skin health and wellness treatment plans.” 

If you haven’t experienced the anti-aging, face sculpting and tension-busting power of buccal massage, you can book your first session at

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