Top Med Spa In Huntington Beach Offers Relaxing Mommy & Me Experience

Mar 16, 2024

Get ready for the ultimate bonding moment with your child – Agnes Beauty & Wellness (714-604-3449) offers “mommy and me” spa experience!

Hey there, mommy! Want a little “self-care” time but also want to include your children? Now you can have the best of both worlds with the new “mommy and me” spa experience from Agnes Beauty & Wellness! Spend special little moments with your mini-me on a day of pure relaxation and pampering.

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Indulge and relax

The new spa experience is meant for busy moms who want to share a special bonding moment with their children. During the “mommy and me” session, you are pampered with a wide range of services, including a full-body massage, foot bath, and roller shapers, while your child experiences a relaxing facial with a kiddie organic face mask and cucumber eye treatment.

You’ll both feel like princesses from the minute you walk into the moment you leave. At Agnes Beauty & Wellness, you are always given royal treatment!

Quality time

Agnes Beauty & Wellness' “mommy and me” experience is designed to help you spend quality time with your children and teach them the importance of skincare from an early age. The team explains that many moms struggle with self-care because they are always busy with their children. With the new service, you can now spend more quality time with your kids while also pampering yourself!

Who says you can’t have it all? The “mommy and me” spa experience is the perfect way to bond with your little ones.

Personalized attention

Each experience takes around a few hours. Want to treat your kid to something more special? You have the option to request additional manicure and pedicure services or even a temporary tattoo for your child. Afterward, both of you will receive a mini kid-friendly skincare kit so that you can practice healthy skincare habits even at home. Additionally, everyone receives a surprise item from the team so that you have a memento of your spa experience.

About Agnes Beauty & Wellness

Agnes Beauty & Wellness is a well-known med spa in California that uses a whole-body integrative approach to help residents feel more confident in their skin.

Aside from their new “mommy and me” spa experience, the team also offers a wide range of skin care services, including LED light therapy, infrared sauna sessions, custom facials, body rollers, and face massage.

Currently, Agnes Beauty & Wellness only accepts appointments that are booked online and does not allow walk-ins, especially for any services for children. This safety policy ensures that all guests receive the personalized care they need in a relaxing environment.

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