B&B vs Airbnb What’s The Real Difference & Why Should You Book Owner Direct

Oct 6, 2022

B&B vs Airbnb What’s The Real Difference & Why Should You Book Owner Direct Holiday Lettings Beech Lodge releases article “B&B AirBnB? Book Direct Read Review”, What do you think? Full article can be found at: https://book.holidaylettingsbeechlodge.com

B&B vs Airbnb What's The Real Difference & Why Should You Book Owner Direct

Holiday Lettings Beech Lodge has released a potentially controversial article "B&B AirBnB ? Book Direct Read Review", bringing some cause for concern, as the article may upset the big platforms like booking com and Airbnb.

Skip To Full Comparison Article here: https://book.holidaylettingsbeechlodge.com/page?p=b%26b_airbnb%3F

The 2300 article examines the high points and low points of the differences between booking through platforms like Airbnb compared to a B&B direct, in the pursuit of providing an informative multi point breakdown between staying in traditional B&B verses staying at a private house or lodge booked through Airbnb for families to business travellers looking to give back some of the platform fees that make it difficult for the property owners to turn a workable profit.. In quiet manner though, a certain element at the conclusion of the article is set to spark discontent amongst big booking platforms.

Below is a portion of the piece, which neatly exemplifies the controversial element:

   •How Does It Make Me Feel When I'm Traveling?

What am I looking for from my temporary home away from home (ie cleanliness)? And finally, where can we find them online so that will never be left wanting again? Also booking directly with the property owner's booking website will make you feel confident that you will not be lining the pockets of the billion-dollar faceless corporations!

Then below is a further portion of the piece, which exemplifies the comparison advice found in the article:

Many people conflate "B&B" with 'Airbnb'

While both terms refer to similar accommodations. Let's say that guests could cook their own meals or enjoy the hosts' company. Omit a lot of differences between them could be important to you.

In this guide, we will compare bed-and-breakfasts vs Air BnB by the following points.


Price range




This is a great time to book your next getaway! Most big booking platforms are one of the best places for finding and booking bed breakfasts.

Generally you can enter "bed" into our search bar or use some other keywords like 'staycations'. Select which area that interests ya'. Once submitted go ahead and enjoy all these savings. Also supporting small businesses makes us warm and fuzzy. And them too!

Definition Of A Bed And Breakfast

To some, a bed and breakfast is what you would think it sounds like: an invitation to spend the night at someone's home. This person offers their own room or rooms with complimentary breakfasts. Guests can then enjoy the local cuisine. While staying in town on business trips instead of camping out near their offices. Less expensive hotels provide for those who don't have much money available. They still need somewhere comfortable during stays lasting several or days weeks at a time

What’s an Airbnb?

Airbnb is a marketplace where hosts list their places. They rent and guests book those listings. What differentiates it from other major booking sites? They allow people to rent out space. Be it in their homes or permanent accommodations like hotels. Almost anything can list on this site. Example Beds & breakfasts, called “Hosted Properties" to unique vacation rentals. Think mansions AND islands!

Read Full Article "B&B AirBnB ? Book Direct Read Review" Via the the Beech Lodge Blog Section above.

Holiday Lettings Beech Lodge, Robert Blackburn, says "Of course Holiday Lettings Beech Lodge never sets out to intentionally upset anybody. The aim of our holiday rental advice article pages is first and foremost to give holidaymakers a clear comparison. It is critical, however, that we stay dedicated to our true voice.

Although our "B&B AirBnB Book Direct Read Review " might unsettle the big platforms like booking com and Airbnb, our duty is to our readers. We believe it's more important to be transparent, than to please everyone. Which is notoriously difficult to do."

Although there has been no backlash as of yet, the possibility exists as the article may ruffle the corporate board members of the big booking platforms.

Holiday Lettings Beech Lodge has been a new provider of in depth articles in the Vacation Rental - Luxury Lodge Rental market for 2 years.

The new B&B AirBnB comparison article on Holiday Lettings Beech Lodge website has stated the future aims for the website are to give guests the opportunity to read around the subject of booking the well earned holiday letting getaway via the booking site's blog pages.. So Holiday Lettings Beech Lodge hopes any controversy will pass quickly and re-emphasizes no offence is or was intended.

Holiday Lettings Beech Lodge's complete article can be found at: https://book.holidaylettingsbeechlodge.com/page?p=b%26b_airbnb%3F

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