Baseboards, Casings and Mouldings in Mississauga and Etobicoke – New Styles

Oct 21, 2021

House prices in Etobicoke and Mississauga have gone through the roof. Why move, when this range of mouldings and trim from The Reno Superstore (416-258-7366) can add style and elegance to any room?

Toronto’s favorite home improvement store just kicked it up a few notches. Now you can choose from a huge range of baseboard designs made from MDF, natural pine, and poplar, among others.

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If you’re like many homeowners in the greater Toronto area, you’ve probably realised that improving your existing home is probably a much safer bet than trying to find a new one. But where do you start? Well, adding new mouldings, trim and baseboard to your rooms is one very affordable way to make them look great.

According to a recent report from UBS, strong population growth and falling mortgage rates have caused Toronto real estate prices to reach almost double the level they were a decade ago. The last 4 quarters, alone, have seen a rise of almost 8%. Yep, the experts are telling you something you already knew.

Another type of expert, local contractors have known for years that The Reno Superstore offers some of the best prices in Toronto. So, if you’re ready to begin remodeling, swing by and pick up some new baseboards first.

Available designs range from simple step level and modern edge cuts, to more elaborate sculpting such as the colonial and contemporary styles. All baseboards and trims are primed and finished in white, and you can paint them in any colour you choose.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the depot states that the updated products are also a cost-effective way to protect your walls and staircases from damage. Form and functionality without spending a fortune, that’s a great way to start your renovation.

About The Reno Superstore

Having over 20 years’ experience in the renovation industry, founders of The Reno Superstore had the express aim of creating an outlet that supplied quality and affordable materials to homeowners, contractors, and interior designers alike.

The showroom and warehouse are designed to be functional and provide you with ease of access. In addition to mouldings, casings, baseboard and trim, the store caters to all aspects of home improvement projects. Direct supply agreements with manufacturers allow the depot to offer some of the most competitive pricing in the greater Toronto area.

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