BankEth Leads The Way For Investing In The New Era

Aug 12, 2021

BankEth has a notable incentive to encourage holders to purchase: for every BankEth purchased, the buyer earns Ethereum as well.

Chain BankEth is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is bringing new and innovative technology to the space.

The Alt coin space is known for it’s unique incentives to bring holders to the table and encourage theme to be part of the community. BankEth is no different, their method to accomplish this is simple, Buy Bank Eth, Get Ethereum just for holding.

For those not familiar, think about buying a favorite stock and receiving another stock as a dividend just for holding. It’s truly the best of both worlds, holders are rewarded for an ever growing Market Cap as well as the Ethereum dividends paid out as people buy and sell the token itself.

The token goes even further into incentivizing holders by giving them an amazing 10% distribution towards the Ethereum dividend. To take things a step further to ensure the level of volatility is kept to a minimum, BankEth has set a cap that no more than .2% of the total supply per wallet can be sold in a 24hr period. This ensures that there is stable growth throughout the chart and holders aren’t left holding the proverbial bag in the case of a mass sell off.

BankEth proves to be one of the most promising projects in the AltCoin space as their team of experienced developers has plans to expand the offerings provided by the token to create a more inclusive investing platform.

In addition, through strategic partnerships BankEth has already started to form relationships all around the world in hopes of having other businesses partake in the unique offering provided by BankEth itself.

Make sure to keep an eye out for BankEth as it continues to grow in popularity within the CryptoCurrency space. If you’d like more information on how to purchase BankEth as well as other information on the project. Please visit

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