Back To School Emergency Prevention Reports Now Released by Patch Up Products Family First Aid Kit Specialist

Sep 7, 2016

Discover back to school safety rules and guidelines to teach children including playground safety, riding the school bus, biking or walking to school, highlighted in the new series of reports launched by Patch Up Products LLC, the makers of the popular Patch-Up Family First Aid Kit on Amazon.

Patch Up Products LLC, the manufacturer of the Patch-Up Family First Aid Kit, a popular emergency kit sold on Amazon, has announced the launch of a new set of reports offering back to school safety protocols for parents to teach children how to avoid trauma and accidents.

More information can be found on the Patch Up Products website at

The Patch-Up Family First Aid Kit includes a plethora of items necessary to treat commonly occurring emergencies, helping users to protect the lives of those close to them and feel safe while they’re at home or out and about, knowing they have items especially designed for trauma and emergency preparedness.

It includes multitudes of bandages, an ice pack, emergency blanket, tourniquet, CPR resuscitation mask, latex free gloves, and medical face masks among other items. A full set of instructions and guide to using the kit is provided with every order.

Patch Up Products has received glowing reviews for its product, and has now expanded its service to offer detailed and full featured reports on many topics including the latest report on back to school safety and awareness that helps keep children safe in common areas of concern.

Each report covers a different back to school safety topic. The school bus safety report highlights for example, the importance of chilren understanding that they must stay seated and keep their head and arms inside the bus, never distract the driver or bully other children, and never walk in the bus driver’s “blind spot” (the space from the front of the bus moving outward to 10 feet), among many other things.

Another report explains that riding a bike safely includes teaching children how to obey the rules of the road; the rules are the same for all vehicles including bicycles, and to always observe stop signs (even if no other vehicle is visible), yield signs and other traffic markers. Proper hand signals to alert others while turning are given in the report, as well as a bike safety checklist to insure it is safe for the ride to school.

In addition, the walking to school safely report highlights the importance of parent’s selecting the safest route, practicing it, and never deviating from it, even if friends try to persuade otherwise. The playground safety report cautions children to never jump out of swings, twist chains or swing sideways and do not double up with two children to a swing, among other things.

Complete details of these important safety reports are available on the Patch Up Products website at

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