Auto Technician Trade Career: A Financially Rewarding & Recession-Proof Choice

Jun 12, 2023

Uncover the top reasons why collision repair jobs are recession-resistant in this exclusive and informative report published by The Autobody Source.

Making a living doing what you love - that’s the ultimate dream, isn’t it? In its latest report, The Autobody Source explains why being a vehicle technician can make this dream a reality.

This guide gives you a compelling case for trade careers as a viable alternative to the often exorbitant costs associated with traditional college degrees. By highlighting the financial rewards and personal fulfillment offered by collision repair jobs, The Autobody Source encourages you to consider this career path.

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With the average price of college tuition in the United States soaring to nearly $25,000 per year, the report emphasizes the affordability of trade schools. Trade school offers a more cost-effective option, as you need to spend only about $5,000 to $15,000 for a certificate of completion or trade diploma.

Furthermore, studying in a trade school gives you expedited entry into the workforce. You can finish your program in 12 to 18 months, allowing you to start working and earning money quickly. With paid on-the-job opportunities available during apprenticeships, you gain first-hand work experience while earning an actual salary.

The Autobody Source adds that your financial prospects in the skilled trades are promising. Boasting competitive starting salaries and the potential for high income, skilled tradespeople receive compensation commensurate with their experience and skill level.

Moreover, the report emphasizes the inclusivity and abundant job opportunities in the skilled trades. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, or background, this field offers a long-term career path as long as you have the requisite skills and training. In fact, industry projections indicate three million job openings in the skilled trades by 2028, underscoring the need for a diverse and talented workforce.

A spokesperson says: “There’s more than one path to success and we firmly believe that being a skilled tradesman is one of the best options. From the abundant job opportunities to the competitive pay, this career choice is definitely worth considering - and the information in our report is proof of that.”


The Autobody Source is the preeminent source of trusted knowledge about all aspects of the collision repair industry. The company has a readership numbering 50,000 that spans North and South America.

So if you want the latest news about this ever-evolving field, there’s only one name to trust: The Autobody Source. Read its new report today and get started on a rewarding skilled trade career!

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