Animated Video Content To Market Engineering Products And Services

Oct 29, 2020

Custom animated explanation videos that showcase your brand to the world. Visit for more information about explainer videos for your engineering products and services.

Are you looking for a way to showcase your company’s products and services in new and engaging ways? The Explainer Video Company of Santa Clara now offers engineering animation services to create compelling, informative, custom animated explainer videos that help you reach new customers.

The Silicon Valley based animated video production company has launched niche animation services for product and software engineering companies. The company produces high-conversion television commercials, animated marketing video content, training videos, and interactive content.

Explainer videos are a great way to showcase your products and services on your corporate website, social media channels, and during virtual or in-person presentations.

Custom engineering animation can help you demonstrate your product or service to new and existing clients. Explaining a complex technical concept to your clients and partners is so much easier with an animated video.

The Explainer Video Company now offers animated video creation services to a growing number of manufacturing and IT companies in domestic and global markets. Custom animated video content can help your business simplify e-learning and communicate product or service capabilities.

The Explainer Video Company dba The Video Animation Company is a niche animated video production company headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. The company uses a proprietary production process to create thousands of engaging explainer videos for Mercedes-Benz, KPISoft, Sony, Adidas, Dell, HP, BP, Capgemini, Fujitsu, Unisys, and other global brands.

The leading animated video production studio offers localization services with voiceover services in several languages and accents. The Explainer Video Company works closely with you and your team to understand brand needs and your vision before commencing work on the project. In-house writers, storyboard artists, voiceover artists, and animators translate technical, mechanical, and software capabilities into a compelling visual story. 

The Explainer Video Company offers you an unlimited number of revisions at every stage of the process. The company can rush turnarounds to produce and deliver a full animated clip in as little as 3 to 4 days. Your project will be supported by a dedicated creative director and project manager to ensure brand consistency and service excellence.

Visit for more information about explainer videos for your engineering products and services.

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