Android Auto Adapter With Companion App: Make Your Old Vehicle Smarter ASAP

Aug 10, 2023

Installing the Carsifi Android Auto WiFi adapter has never been easier thanks to a newly revamped companion app.

Do you want smart car features in your automobile without spending a fortune? Carsifi and its companion app let you do just that!

CEO Ihor Martsekha says the app enables you to use the WiFi dongle with your vehicle even if you have Android 8 or earlier. This makes the device compatible even with older cars that do not have built-in WiFi systems or those with earlier entertainment suites that cannot run newer Android operating systems.

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The executive notes the Android Auto dongle will work straight out of the box if your car has Android 9 and above. However, he emphasizes that the app also offers convenient features if you have a newer car, including the ability to set WiFi passwords and change the click settings of the device.

Google estimates that over 100 million vehicles already have Android Auto compatibility. However, access to this smart car suite depends on whether your infotainment system has a built-in WiFi system. Carsifi lets you enjoy all the features of Android Auto without having to upgrade your existing equipment — which can cost several hundred dollars.

After using the app to pair your smartphone with your dashboard, you will have access to the full selection of apps on Android Auto. This includes navigation, communication, news, music, and audiobooks.

Moreover, the WiFi adapter enables you to launch the above-mentioned apps using voice commands. This ensures that your hands and attention are on the road instead of on your phone or dashboard, thus preventing collisions.

Carsifi can save multiple user profiles and switching between them only requires a single button click. For this reason, the dongle is especially ideal if your family has different members that share the same car.

Martsekha says: “We continuously enhance both our product and the user experience it offers, and our enhanced companion app is proof of that. Our team is excited to share that more people than ever can use this innovative Android Auto adapter.”

Orders are usually fulfilled within seven business days for international buyers and within four days for domestic ones. Your order is covered by a limited 30-day return policy as well.

Look forward to a “smarter” driving experience with Carsifi. So don’t delay - order your dongle today to use Android Auto on your vehicle!

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