Anaheim, CA Wealth Management Expert Helps Law Firms Save Money On 401k Plans

Sep 14, 2021

Law firms and lawyers looking to optimize their 401k retirement plans should tap the expertise of SK Capital Wealth Management (1-714-206-3403).

Are you tired of overpaying for your legal practice’s 401k plan?

SK Capital Wealth Management’s newly upgraded consulting service allows you to reduce your current contributions by up to 30%. It benefits you as the plan sponsor as you will pay a smaller counterpart, while your employees enjoy the same investment benefits.

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With this revamped offering, you can offer retirement plans that are not just compliant but highly competitive. As part of the wealth management specialist’s ongoing efforts to educate lawyers and law firms, it offers a no-obligation benchmark report that compares your plan to others in your industry and region.

According to representatives, law firms have one of the highest fees when it comes to 401k plans. This is because their policies are managed by various third-party companies, leading to multiple service charges. 

SK Capital Wealth Management optimizes how your 401k plans are set up and processed to eliminate unnecessary fees. It reviews your existing plan to identify inefficiencies and offers solutions to remedy them.

This consulting service is ideal for both small and large legal practices, and can save them tens of thousands of dollars a year. As a result, you will have more cash available to be used for other aspects of your business. 

As a full-service consultancy, the retirement planning expert provides various value-added services, too. These include analyzing your employee turnover and investment performance, among others. 

To receive a copy of the benchmark report, you simply need to visit the consultancy’s website. You will be asked to fill out a short form that requires preliminary details about your existing 401k plan.

SK Capital Wealth Management uses innovative techniques to ensure that clients maximize the wealth they generate. Aside from retirement planning, it also provides a broad range of investment management consulting services. 

Founder Sammy Khalil says: “Our asset management style uses appropriate risk mitigation. As new risks arise to the portfolio, we’ll consult with you and propose timely actions to help manage and mitigate the risk.”

Save big on 401k plans! Contact SK Capital Wealth Management today.

Simply visit if you wish to learn more about the company and its services.

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