AI Visitor Intelligence Software Captures Customer Data From Website Traffic

Feb 28, 2024

LEAD Engagements offers you a way to capture key data points from visitors who land on your site but never make contact. First VisitorID is a must-have tool for your sales and marketing!

We’ve all been there…

You open your analytics to see that the vast majority of your visitors are just bouncing.

Didn’t pick up the phone, didn’t fill out a form – didn’t even wave hello. Just up and left, into the void, probably to go and buy from one of your competitors…

But hold on a minute...

First VisitorID from LEAD Engagements is here to change all that. Once it's up and running, you can capture key data from up to 50% of the people who land on your site!

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Designed for both B2B and B2C companies, the software aims to create a more predictable flow of leads for businesses of all kinds. It enhances analytics capabilities, providing clearer insights into which visitors are interested in specific products and services. You can better understand where opportunities lie within your target audience.

First VisitorID uses artificial intelligence to gather up to 40 data points on each visitor, including name, email address, location, income level, and more. This enables you to engage prospects on a more personal level until they are ready to purchase.

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First VisitorID provides deep insights into on-site visitor behavior, giving you a granular understanding of how prospects interact with your website. You can see which pages draw the most interest, where visitors are exiting, and other engagement metrics to optimize the customer journey - allowing for promotions and messaging to be tailored to customers' interests.

The software is easily implemented through a WordPress plugin, making it accessible to diverse businesses. Once installed, First VisitorID passively gathers data in the background as visitors browse your website. All captured customer data can then be exported for seamless integration with any CRM platform.

First VisitorID is currently offering a trial so new clients can experience the software's capabilities firsthand. On average, businesses see an increase of 200 more qualified leads captured through AI-powered technology during this testing process.

A spokesperson states: "We identify who is on your website in real-time. First VisitorID helps you find out who they are and provides you with their contact information so you can engage them proactively with special website or in-store offers."

Do you want to take your marketing efforts to the next level? Everything starts with First VisitorID!

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