B2B Sales & Marketing Pipeline, Real-Time Visitor Tracking & Conversion Software

Jul 12, 2023

With First VisitorID, you can quickly capture data from anyone who lands on your site – and optimize your lead generation efforts!

Are you tired of missing out on sales because visitors bounce from your website without taking action? First VisitorID from LEAD Engagements is the ideal solution!

Industry research shows that 98% of visitors fail to complete forms or initiate contact via email. First VisitorID helps you overcome this by identifying up to 40% of website visitors by name and email address.

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With 42% of sales reps noting that prospecting is the most challenging aspect of their role, the new update streamlines the process through a WordPress plugin or short HTML script.

First VisitorID tracks the pages visitors browse, the actions they take, and other key data points along the customer journey, enabling more customized marketing strategies because you can deliver personalized content.

The company has committed to ethical data gathering and adheres to the latest privacy laws and regulations. No form completion or login is required to use the software, and you own all customer data so you can integrate the tool with your email service provider for advanced consumer interactions.

According to LEAD Engagements, buyers complete 57% of their purchase decision before engaging with the sales team, but conversion drops as the number of decisions increases. First VisitorID reduces the number of people actively involved in the buying decision and automates the engagement process so you can connect with customers while they're browsing the site.

By identifying the name, contact information, and user data of visitors, you gain real-time insights that can be directly routed to your CRM. Up to 40 data points can be captured during a real-time API call, and you can actively gauge interest in specific products.

A recent client stated: "We specialize in sportswear. Over the last couple of months, we have seen a sharp increase in in-store sales. Our sales team has reached out to our website visitors and offered coupons they can redeem on their next visit as well as adding them to our newsletter with seasonal and special offers. I couldn't be happier."

The company also provides search engine optimization, content and backlinks, and a listing sync builder to help clients achieve their growth goals.

Do you want to grow your business and drive more sales with the best prospecting solution? Give it a try today!

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