Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Online Order: Snap-On Veneer Impression Kit

Aug 8, 2023

Dental Lab Direct (+1-888-591-2220), delivers beautiful smiles at your door. With their easy at-home kit for veneer impressions, you get affordable custom-made facades without a single dentist visit!

Does it seem like you're the only one who wasn't blessed with perfect teeth when you scroll on Instagram? Then I have some news for you: 1. You aren't! 2. Many people get extra help to enhance the beauty of their smiles with veneers.

And if you're already familiar with veneers, I know what you're thinking: the price and teeth shaving doesn't seem too appealing. But what if I told you that getting new facades doesn't have to be painful or expensive?

Sounds too good to be true? It isn't! Dental Lab Direct manufactures snap-on veneers delivered to you, cutting out the cost of expensive dentist visits. With over 25 years of manufacturing dental appliances for professional dental practices, they now offer their expertise to end consumers, making dental care more accessible and affordable.

Want to read more and see some inspiring before and after pics? Head over to:

Dental Lab Direct's BellaVeneers Custom-Made Snap-On Veneers have emerged as a prominent solution for those looking to enhance their smile without needing in-person visits. This high-quality, natural tooth facade is affordable while not compromising end-result.

What sets BellaVeneers apart? Unlike traditional veneers that may require shaving existing teeth and can be expensive, BellaVeneers are designed to be non-invasive and budget-friendly. The process is as simple as it sounds: you order the impression kit online and complete the at-home mold with easy-to-follow instructions. Once Dental Lab Direct receives the impression, they craft the custom-made veneers using 3D computer technology to ensure optimal comfort and a natural look.

The facades are made from FDA-approved milled crystallized resin and equipped with micro-seal locking technology for a tight fit. These thin shells, less than 1 millimeter thick, are available in various shades, from Hollywood White to Dark, depending on the result you want to achieve.

In addition to being a pain-free alternative to permanent veneers, these thin shells are considerably more affordable. Whereas the traditional solution can cost $1,200 -$2,500 per tooth, a full arch of click-on teeth won't come close to that. While hard or sticky food should be avoided, you can eat normally and expect your set to last up to five years.

A spokesperson for Dental Lab Direct shared their thoughts: "Since the BellaVeneers material retains its strength on a microscopic level, the device is able to be made incredibly thin to produce the most natural-looking and comfortable removable veneers in the industry. Every custom-designed BellaVeneer snap-on smile we create will be an original and one-of-a-kind, just like you."

Dental Lab Direct was founded in 2020 and manufactures tailored full and partial dentures, orthodontic retainers, and nightguards from their at-home mold kits that you can order from their website

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