Order Affordable Flexible Partial Dentures Online For Restoring Missing Teeth

Aug 8, 2023

Dental Lab Direct (+1-888-591-2220), manufactures natural-looking partial dentures in flexible hypo-allergenic material for optimal comfort. Restore tooth gaps without dentist visits, for a fraction of the price!

Missing teeth can really take a toll on your confidence. But it's not only an aesthetic concern; big gaps cause your teeth to move and can even make it hard to chew. Luckily, there's a revolutionizing solution out there: Dental Lab Direct! Thanks to them, you can get comfortable partial dentures for as little as 70% of the price!

This manufacturer of custom-made dental appliances is at the forefront of dental innovation. Their web-based business has paved the way for tailored and affordable dental prosthetics, delivering solutions directly to customers. Let's look closer at their flexible partial dentures and how it all works!

Learn more and see all denture options available here: https://dentallab-direct.com/

Founded by Joe Bazzi three years ago, Dental Lab Direct has become one of America's top online dental lab providers. Their laboratory produced and distributed dental appliances to dentists for 25 years. It wasn't until 2020, under Joe's new ownership, that the company transitioned to a B2C business model, focusing on manufacturing and delivering directly to end customers.

Dental Lab Direct's flexible partial dentures stand out with their superior quality and affordability. These aren't your typical dental prosthetics; they're specially designed to provide optimal comfort and a perfect fit. The manufacturing process uses ultra-thin nylon resin thermoplastic materials, recognized for being lightweight and free from metal clasps. This makes chewing and talking far more comfortable compared to other materials. Additionally, the material is hypo-allergenic, suiting those sensitive to BPA, metal, or acrylics.

So how does it work?

You order Dental Lab Direct's unique DIY denture kits online, send your at-home impressions to their lab, and a few weeks later, your new partial dentures arrive at your door! You have different teeth and gum shade options to ensure a realistic appearance. The end product gives you a Hollywood smile, helps keep teeth aligned, and restores biting and chewing functionalities.

But how can it be so much cheaper?

Running a dentist practice is expensive, and as a patient, you end up paying for the treatment and the high overhead costs. Dental Lab Direct saves you time and money without compromising quality by cutting out dentist appointments as the middle hand.

Dental Lab Direct's partial dentures are a good fit if you're missing up to 6 teeth and have strong teeth in the arch for the denture to anchor onto. While it can take some time to get used to, most people can chew and speak normally with training and slow adjustment. You can expect the appliance to last for many years with the proper care and use!

Bring the joy back to your smile with a high-quality denture! Visit https://dentallab-direct.com/ to order your impression kit today!

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