Advanced X-Ray Inspection Services In Iowa Ensure Agricultural Product Integrity

Mar 20, 2024

Worry less about your agricultural products’ packaging integrity and gain more peace of mind with innovative X-Ray inspection services provided by Pack & Inspect Group, experts in packaging, inspection and conveying solutions throughout Iowa and the Midwest (855-232-1850).

Every manufacturer in the agriculture industry shares the same fear: that somehow, a rock or elusive type of contaminant might slip through the cracks during packaging and make it to market. To ensure maximum product integrity, always insist on the innovative X-ray inspection services provided by Pack & Inspect Group and rest assured your agricultural products will always meet the highest quality standards.

Learn about the full line of advanced X-ray technologies available through Pack & Inspect Group at

X-ray inspection products and services provided by Pack & Inspect Group are engineered by world-leading metal detection company Mettler Toledo so that manufacturers of agricultural products in Iowa and the Midwest get the peace of mind they need, knowing their inspection processes are best-in-class.

This is because Pack & Inspect Group brings over 100 years’ combined experience to the food, beverage, and product inspection industry, and is recognized for providing expertise and guidance to companies seeking the appropriate technologies for their in-house packaging, inspection, and conveyance needs.

And they're here to bring this same high-quality standard to you.


With the Midwest contributing over $152 billion to US agricultural output annually, it's important we always get things right.

To help ensure your operations are meeting regulatory standards among retailers and US policymakers, and that valuable product quality is confirmed, Pack & Inspect Group not only provides services that maximize detection sensitivity, but they can also offer the added value that comes from minimizing your system's false rejects.

Here's what a representative for Pack & Inspect Group said recently:

“Mettler Toledo’s Safeline X-ray inspection systems are leading the way in technologies that can detect foreign materials that are hard to see, or nearly invisible to the human eye, to establish package integrity in the food and beverage, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries. As proud representatives of these technologies throughout the Midwest, we bring manufacturers in the agriculture sector a family of dual-energy X-ray systems enhanced to detect contaminants in notoriously difficult applications.”


X-ray machinery from Pack & Inspect Group is designed to detect softer and potentially overlooked contaminants like rubber and plastic, along with smaller rocks, stones and the like.

With a full line of models, the company can meet a range of application types including individual or bulk-flow unpackaged products, pumped meats, and more.

Packaging versatility accommodates bags, pouches, cartons, thermoformed packages, glass jars, PET bottles, and steel or aluminum cans. No matter your packaging type, they have the inspection solution to optimize your output.


Backed by a network of field service technicians, Mettler Toledo’s technologies also include the iPac support paradigm and can integrate with their ProdX data collection and management system, a type of server solution that supports and optimizes rigorous quality control to maximize production and simplify your production line operations.

Among this line of X-ray machinery is:

  • the highly configurable X36 series with the ultimate range for maximum capability and demanding applications plus IP69 washdown capabilities,
  • the X34 series, and,
  • the X37 series for manufacturers using taller and or more rigid containers.

If it's time you updated your inspection machinery so you'll no longer worry about compromised product integrity, reach out and connect with Pack & Inspect Group, because your success is their ultimate reward. Learn more at

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