Accident & Automobile Crash Attorneys Suffolk & Nassau County NYC

Jul 2, 2020

Despite the many means that New Yorkers have available to avoid accidents, so many car crashes or motorcycle accidents still occur in the city every year. These occur in the independent Long Island counties of Suffolk and Nassau. The firm Silberstein Awad and Miklos has a Long Island office that serves these communities. It starts with a free consultation from expert auto accident attorneys employed by the firm.

New Yorkers have so many means to answer problems they might have in relation to driving. From traffic systems to a set of regulations that have been copied by other cities and countries, to a highway and city street network that is one of the best to drive on, citizens of the city have it good. However, traffic congestion and problems related to the many factors that can affect good driving are abundant, too. That means that these can lead to accidents involving automobiles or motorcycles.

Long Island has four counties, two of them belonging to the boroughs in NYC, while the other two are independent counties. These last are Nassau and Suffolk County, and they belong as independents in the NYC conurbation, the most densely populated and biggest major city in America. This means miles and miles of streets and highways that are the scenes for traffic accidents that range from major to minor. The statistics peg the total average accidents that happen throughout the metropolis at near 250,000. Suffolk and Nassau have their fair share of accidents.

The firm of Silberstein Awad and Miklos are New Yorkers through and through. Their practice has grown into several offices located across the metropolitan New York area, and that includes a Long Island office that serves folks from the independent counties. The firm is one that has gained and earned a reputation for aggressively representing clients who have been involved in personal injury cases, usually as complainants. This is part of advocacy for better driving and safer streets, for reduced accident statistics.

The statistics are tragic, and despite its only being able to address a small fraction of these, SAM law office is helping to make people more aware that reckless negligence, disobeying rules, speeding or drunk driving that leads to accidents can be expensive. In many cases, SAM lawyers have gotten the maximum possible compensation for clients they’ve represented in car crash accidents.

The firm helpfully provides free consultations with expert auto or motorcycle accident attorneys to start off the long or problematic road of litigation. They encourage those who have these kinds of legal issues to step forward and get help. It will help to get heard legally, with support from a number of excellent law firms operating in New York. SAM is one of these, and while they can only take on a limited number of cases, they often take on those cases other firms have rejected.

In essence, it is about the client, typically a person who has personal injury issues resulting from things like car or motorcycle accidents. Great client case reviews reflect an advocacy and determination to help this person. The thing is to get help as soon as possible, and SAM operates a hotline 1-877-ASK4SAM for free consultations. This is a direct line to attorneys with the relevant specialty needed. For those needing more info or simply need advice, the contact page is where they can vent and ask for possible solutions and answers from the same expert attorneys.

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