Accelerate Growth In Your MSP Or TSP Business: Exchange Ideas With Other Owners

Nov 16, 2023

Join the unique Peer Team program from BMK Community, and benefit from the experiences of your own network of other MSP and TSP owners.

The things that worked when your business was a scrappy startup might not be so appropriate as your company scales, but how do you get on top of all those growing pains?

BMK Community offers a team of specialist executive coaches who each have over ten years’ experience in the MSP and TSP sectors, and it goes several steps further.

The firm’s Peer Team program combines executive coaching with your own network of other business owners, providing a unique combination of theoretical and practical learning. You can choose from three levels of support, depending on your own needs and the areas that you feel your business is falling behind.

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From financially based guidance through to comprehensive business evaluation and planning, BMK Community can cover every aspect of your growing MSP or TSP. The goal is to create a forum for you to share ideas and learn from other industry members, thereby promoting the growth and success of everyone involved.

A recent report from Mordor Intelligence values the current IT services industry at $1.11 trillion, and estimates that the market size will increase to $1.67 trillion over the next five years. The piece states that the introduction of 5G, blockchain, and AI technologies, along with the evolving threat environment, all present opportunities for your business to thrive in the coming years.

As BMK Community points out, operational inefficiencies can sometimes restrict the ability of smaller companies to take advantage of this growth. With the enhanced Peer Team programs, the company offers a professional consulting engagement designed to help you identify knowledge-gaps and address a wide variety of challenges.

“BMK Community has been providing Peer Team programs to MSP’s and TSP’s since 2004, and we blend the what and the how with the why every time we meet,” a company representative explained. “This is a team of business owners or executives who come together to share best practices, hold one another accountable, support one another, and openly share their struggles and successes.”

About BMK Community

Part of the Bering McKinley professional consultancy, BMK Community takes the firm’s team of executive coaches and combines it with a unique network of MSP and TSP owners. The goal is to help leaders gain the support they need to drive continued growth in their company.

“Since joining Bering McKinley, I’ve gained a much deeper knowledge of how to run my business and what things are important to watch out for,” one client recently stated. “Instead of just randomly running things, I now have some real guidelines and strategies that I can use.”

Position yourself and your business for the next stage of growth. Join the Peer Team program from BMK Community, and benefit from decades of MSP and TSP experience.

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