ITSP Owners Managing Sales Teams Can Learn Best Practices At This Peer Group

Apr 14, 2024

The Peer Team business growth program from BMK Community helps ITSP and MSP leaders learn best practices from across the industry.

Great leaders aren’t born, they invest time and effort in developing their skills. BMK Community combines expert consultancy with Peer Team support to help you reach new heights.

You can now choose from three levels of support, ranging from financial reviews all the way through to comprehensive business evaluation, planning, and staff training. Whatever level you decide fits your needs best, you will join a team of other business leaders, and get support from experienced in-house advisors.

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BMK Community’s enhanced Peer Team program is designed to provide the education, advice, and accountability that we often don’t receive as business owners. None of us were born with all the answers, and this professional development program can help you fill any knowledge gaps.

According to a recent report from Harvard Business School, the most effective leaders in industry invest time and effort to develop their skills. Considering the time constraints that many of us experience, Harvard suggests that a structured learning approach, combined with professional networking, is one of the most practical ways that you can learn and improve.

Offering both professional guidance and peer group interaction, the business growth programs from BMK Community provide you with all the growth opportunities you could ever need. Your peer team updates can occur either remotely or in-person, depending on the level of support you require, with the Charge + service also offering in-person attendance at key meetings for your company.

“No man is an island, but it sure can be lonely at the top. That’s why we’ve developed the business building Peer Team,” a company representative explained. “You get former-MSP owner/facilitator one-on-one guidance, peer accountability, and financial reviews at the level that works for you and your business.”

Part of the Bering McKinley business consultancy, BMK Community has been offering professional leadership support since 2004. The firm’s in-house consultants now have over 100 years’ combined experience within the managed service provider industry.

“One of the big things I’ve taken away from BMK Community is understanding of our financials,” one company president recently stated. “As a result, we’ve applied a number of changes to improve our approach and now know exactly where we sit.”

Join BMK Community’s Peer Team program and begin the next stage in your business journey.

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