A Local Chandler Family Law Firm & Divorce Practice With Experience & Top Values

Feb 5, 2019

Keystone Law Firm has defied convention with its new addition of a Family Law practice in the Chandler, Arizona area. Further information can be found at https://www.keystonelawfirm.com/

  • a local chandler family law firm amp divorce practice with experience amp top va
  • a local chandler family law firm amp divorce practice with experience amp top va
  • a local chandler family law firm amp divorce practice with experience amp top va

Earlier today, Keystone Law Firm finally announced beginning of its new Family Law practice, which has been in development since we first opened Keystone Law Firm, and had many discussions since then about adding this specialty under our wings. Our main aim is to stand out from the status quo and serve people with assurance that their family matter is handled ethically and with a lot of genuine attention and care, which are the staples of success with our Estate Planning, Probate and Long-term Care Planning practices.

Francisco Sirvent, Founder & Principal Attorney at Keystone Law Firm, says: “We wanted to create and bring forth a more focused and refreshed edition for the Family Law space”. Upon closer inspection of the Family Law firms, it can become noticeable how everyone else seems to be operating in a typical fashion of churning out the clock and dragging out the process in order to collect the highest financial compensation. This is a problem for our firm in general, as truly important values and meaning of being a legal protector tends to get lost over time and many firms miss the boat on what’s really significant when dealing with families in crisis.

So as a proverbial breath of fresh air, Keystone Law Firm will instead focus their attention on helping families remain united toward serving and protecting children’s well-being and emotional needs, and helping parents successfully plan new chapters of their life – while providing the most ethical, supportive and comprehensive Family Law services that we can. Keystone Law Firm chose to expand into the Family Law realm, because it closely aligns with same principles that made our Estate Planning practice so successful, and that is to intertwine our legal expertise with high integrity and ethical standards, full grasp of our clients’ needs, and opting only to help families where an understanding is present that the good of the children involved must be placed beyond any other interest.

Francisco Sirvent also said “We want to give our customers commitment of deep understanding & confidence of getting a successful resolution, if they entrust us to work for them. We want them (our clients) to feel like they are surrounded by family who supports them, educates them and understands them, when enlisting our law firm for aid. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk we believe is worth taking, especially when we are making a real difference.”

Keystone Law Firm has been in business for 12 years, being established in 2008. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to uphold a PURPOSE and that is to help people steward their relationships and their resources.

The new Family Law practice is set to launch its operations in January 2019. To find out more about Keystone Law Firm, visit us at https://www.keystonelawfirm.com/

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