2024 Nonfiction Memoir Offers Surprising Takes On Fatherhood: Order On Amazon

Mar 19, 2024

Looking for your next great read? David M. Perkins’ new book, on LIFE: Rants, Tributes, and Lessons Learned in No Particular Order, is a comedic and insightful memoir with a contrarian bent, offering surprising takes on fatherhood and this strange thing we call life.

If you're like me, you rant to yourself in your head all the time. But, half the fun of reading is to hear someone else's wild rants that might even give you a whole new perspective on things!

David Perkins, long-time writer and creative, put all his hilarious ranting into a fresh new book, on LIFE: Rants, Tributes, and Lessons Learned in No Particular Order, to make you laugh, cry, and maybe even change your mind. Want to learn more? Just go to https://www.amazon.com/LIFE-Tributes-Lessons-Learned-Particular/dp/B0CNN4VPSY

Perkins' Inspiration

'on LIFE: Rants, Tributes, and Lessons Learned in No Particular Order' is a collection of pieces David Perkins had posted, published, or written in various forms over the past 30 to 40 years.

The author was inspired to track down and compile these writings because he wanted to leave a sort of "paper trail" behind for his son to better understand him, should he be interested.

After his father passed, Perkins found himself wishing he could learn more about his own dad's thoughts, experiences, and feelings he had over the course of his life. So, he wanted to be sure his own son had the opportunity to do so with him.

But this book also offers a fresh and comedic take on a range of human thought and experiences, as well as fatherhood, using Perkins' unique and often contrarian tone. As Perkins explains, "I sometimes feel the need to reevaluate my stance when I find myself siding with the majority. Maybe that's just contrarianism; something I have been labeled with more than once."

One fan of the book said, "Gritty, honest, and at times dripping with sarcasm, ‘on LIFE' takes you on a journey through the author's growth and evolution as a human and a father to arrive at the incredible gift he’s compiled for his son."

A Book For Artists & Creatives

on LIFE: Rants, Tributes, and Lessons Learned in No Particular Order was created "for the love of the game", the author says. A long-time writer and professional creative, a lot of what motivated David Perkins to complete this book was to scratch his creative itch: as he explains, "it was put on paper in the first place mostly to prevent my head from exploding. Even if nobody comes inside the tent, you still gotta feed the elephant."

on LIFE has it all: sharp humor, thought-provoking observations, genuine feelings, and true stories. "His pondering and sometimes raw thoughts — all revelations peppered with self-deprecating humor — allow you a better glimpse into his authentic self," said one reviewer.

This book is available to purchase on Amazon in paperback or hardcover format, or as a Kindle ebook.

David Perkins' Diverse Creative Journey

Since 1988, David Perkins has been a member of the Writers Guild of America West and has worked as a telecine colorist in the film and television industry. He currently owns and operates a digital marketing agency in Southern California and regularly speaks at churches, community centers, and schools in the region. Perkins' previous book, titled Dear Austin - A Letter To My Son, is also available in paperback on Amazon.

Interested parties can learn more about David M. Perkins and purchase 'on LIFE - Rants, Tributes, and Lessons Learned in No Particular Order,' or any of his books, by visiting https://www.davidmperkins.com/

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