Top Tulsa Estate Planning Lawyer: Prevent Family Disputes & Protect Your Assets

May 9, 2024

Do you have a plan to take care of your children or keep your house if you become incapacitated? Protect yourself and your family with help from Norwood Law Firm P.C. (918-582-6464) – one of Tulsa’s top estate planning specialists!

What happens if you are disabled temporarily or permanently? Who makes the important decisions on your behalf? How do you trust that your wishes will be respected if you're impaired?

Norwood Law Firm makes sure that you remain the ultimate decision maker in your life. With its estate planning services, you can be proactive about your finances, assets, healthcare, and any other legal matters, allowing you to keep your autonomy should you ever become incapacitated.

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Don't Overlook Estate Planning

Norwood Law emphasizes that no matter how much money you make or how many assets you own, estate planning is a necessary step.

“While many people share the belief that estate planning is only for the wealthy, nothing could be farther from the truth,” said a Norwood Law representative. “Estate planning involves several elements which are equally important for everyone, and any reputable estate planning lawyer will tell you as much.”

Beyond distributing wealth and assets, the estate planning lawyers at Norwood Law will help you take care of your children, keep your home, choose a care provider you trust, and determine your end-of-life treatment through the power of attorney or advance directives.

Protect Your Heirs And Avoid Family Conflicts

Norwood Law's comprehensive estate planning services include wills and probate, estate administration, succession planning, trust administration, asset protection, charitable planning, and more.

With a team of highly experienced lawyers well versed in the most current estate laws, the firm will help you protect your heirs from unnecessary legal proceedings over rights claims, avoid family conflicts over dispersion of assets, reduce tax burdens for your family, and protect the future of your businesses or trusts after you pass.

“For the uninitiated, estate planning may seem like a daunting task. We make it simple for our clients by providing them with solutions before they encounter the problem. Laws and jurisdictions may vary between states, but our lawyers are adequately prepared to sift through the legal clutter so you don’t have to,” said a spokesperson for the law firm.

Find The Best Legal Protection

Norwood Law was founded by Joseph Norwood in 2004. For the past 20 years, the firm has provided a wide range of legal services, including criminal defense, personal injury, family law, business law, civil rights, and more. With earnestness and relentlessness, the firm continues to fight to make legal services equal, fair, and accessible to all people across Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma.

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