Workplace Thriller Novel: Buy Orwellian Satire Criticizing Toxic Work Culture

Feb 2, 2024

‘Animal Spirits: Office Politics – Karma Bites Hard’ by H C Yip, is the dark office satire we need in 2024. The incisive author’s taut workplace thriller and takedown of corporate greed will leave you completely hooked.

H C Yip’s ‘Animal Spirits: Office Politics - Karma Bites Hard’ is the new book everyone is going to be talking about around the water cooler.

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A Gripping Office Thriller

In H C Yip’s new novel, the story unfolds in a corporate setting where animal characters vividly personify the moral debasement and disregard for ethics that drive individuals who have traded human goodness and generosity for self-aggrandizement and personal financial gain.

Balancing philosophical thinking with a taut black thriller, the novel follows not a hero, but an antagonist, simply called Wolf, who orchestrates a diabolical plot to murder the key holder to a significant fortune, setting off a chain of events that reveals the darkest facets of human nature.

An Orwellian Workplace Satire For Our Times

In the vein of Orwell’s Animal Farm, H C Yip uses a host of animal characters like Wolf, as well as Crocodile and Eagle—who are each vying for position, power, and financial gain—to hold a dark satirical mirror to the pervasive greed and self-centeredness that now defines our workplace culture, and has spilled out far beyond it.

In a world where a winner-takes-all mindset is causing mass suffering and increasing poverty, H C Yip is pleased to be emerging as a singular authorial voice.

An Important Cautionary Tale

Ultimately, ‘Animal Spirits’ serves as a cautionary tale.

As a spokesperson for Yip and his publishers, Sammy Champ Store, said, “’Animal Spirits’ is a story that highlights the importance of good character and ethical behaviour in the workplace, particularly in industries like banking where corruption and greed can run rampant. By drawing attention to the dangers of office politics and reminding us of the consequences of engaging in morally bankrupt behaviour, the story serves as a warning and a call to action for those in the workplace to strive for a better, more ethical world.”

'Animal Spirits,' The Book of 2024

You can now purchase ‘Animal Spirits: Office Politics - Karma Bites Hard’ on Amazon. This fast-paced office politics satire is an important book for our current times.

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