Wild Explorers Survival Skills & Nature Study Homeschool Curriculum Series

Jul 18, 2023

Prepare your child for life with a comprehensive homeschool curriculum focused on nature study and wildlife survival skills. Running Wild Explorers has just released the Fall update of its popular nature-based homeschool study.

ARE YOU READY? Finally, there’s a homeschool experience that brings together nature study and survival skills into ONE comprehensive program! If you ever wanted to give your child useful life skills that they will need in the future, then you’re in the right place!

Running Wild Explorers (RWE) announces the new Fall update of its nature study and survival skills homeschool curriculum series. The RWE program combines nature study and survival skills into one comprehensive syllabus.

The two-year curriculum provides children with essential outdoor skills, including how to track wild rabbit trails, keep a nature journal, and capture beautiful nature photography.

Read more about the program at https://runningwildexplorers.com

The new Fall update is part of the complete 2-year curriculum offered at RWE. Parents who enroll their children into REW can expect 1 nature subject a month, organized by seasons, and 1 survival skill every month for 2 years. Children may also opt to add or remove subjects based on their interests and needs. This makes RWE a completely customizable program to nurture a child’s love for nature and foster better survival skills.

Some of the more popular items enjoyed by the students include hands-on crafts, books and poems related to the topic, and studying birds, flowers, minerals, and the weather!

And guess what? The RWE program may also be expanded to become a 4 or 6-year curriculum as desired. Each RWE lesson contains nature jokes and interesting facts, hands-on experiments using household materials, blueprints for monthly handmade items, and access to related videos and websites specific to each lesson. Further details can be found at https://runningwildexplorers.com/complimentary-lesson

For the new Fall update, children will be taught specific lessons related to the season, such as learning about the Autumn Equinox, Harvest Moon, and different birds that begin to become more active like robins and woodpeckers, among other things. They will also learn more about the night sky and the different phases of the moon.

Still on the fence? Don’t worry! You can request a complimentary full lesson to see whether the program is suitable for your children.

Don’t forget! Buttons are awarded to each student with each progressive study and discovery.

Davis writes, "Running Wild Explorers came out of a desire to mix nature study and survival skills into one curriculum. We’ve always enjoyed our nature study curriculums but found we were lacking in our knowledge of outdoor survival skills. So, I decided to do something about it. I began researching and developing this curriculum for our family and others like you that might be searching for the same thing."

Go to https://billing.runningwildexplorers.com/ so you can learn more.

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