Why These Biodegradable Pee Pads And Training Pads For Pets Are The Best In UK

Nov 13, 2021

Training your new puppy to pee outside of the house can be hard, but Pogi’s Pet Supplies is here to make your life easier!

With innovative plant-based, biodegradable puppy pee pads in UK, the pet accessory supplier helps you to train your furry friend while reducing the negative impact on the environment!

Now the dog training products are available throughout the UK. The new training pads are designed with an earth-friendly approach in mind, solving your training needs whilst reducing excess waste and utilising eco-friendly materials.

The expanded product range makes use of renewable bamboo fibre, with a honey-based attractant that is designed to help your pets urinate and defecate in the right area. The fluff-pulp within the training pads then absorbs any liquids quickly, in addition to neutralising odours.

The pads are plant-based and suitable for dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors. They also feature an optional adhesive version of the pads, making them ideal if you have a hard, smooth-surfaced flooring such as wood, linoleum, and tiles. This adhesive also helps pets focus, as the pads will stay still when animals are using them.

In addition to the bamboo fibre, honey-based attractant, and fluff-pulp, the environmentally friendly training pads have a leak-proof lining, ensuring that no mess is created underneath or around the pads themselves.

Pogi’s plant-based, biodegradable training pads for pets in UK guarantee extra protection with a 6-layer quilted pad. The product is also available in three different sizes, making them versatile and suitable for any breed of dog.

One happy customer has said: “Wow, these are huge, and work a treat. I’ve subscribed to a different brand but I’m seriously considering changing to this brand, as they’re biodegradable.”

Pogi’s Pet Supplies is a pet-focused company that ensures its products are earth-friendly and help to reduce your carbon footprint. By sourcing sustainable materials, the company assures that each product keeps the environment clean.

The company has a wide range of other pet supplies available with the environment in mind, such as earth-friendly poop bags and grooming wipes. The plant-based, compostable dog waste bags are available in rolls that include 135 bags or 270 bags. The waste bags also contain no plastic and are durable, biodegradable, and certified worldwide as 100% home compostable.

Are you looking for the most effective dog potty training aid that gets the job done without impacting the environment? Browse the store today!

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