Who Are The Best Realtors In Houston? Compare Buyer’s Agents With This Guide

Feb 17, 2024

Looking to buy a home in Houston? Check out the National Buyers Agents Association’s newly published guide to compare some of the best realtors in Houston and other cities in Texas.

Buying a home can be overwhelming and stressful, especially when you’re negotiating with sellers and their real estate agents. Wish you had an agent who knows the market, understands your needs, and can handle conversations with sellers to ensure you get the best possible deal? That’s exactly what a buyer’s agent does.

If you want to buy a home in the Houston area, take a look at the National Buyers Agents Association’s recently released guide listing some of the best realtors in Houston and other cities across Texas. The easy-to-read guide includes a catalogue of Texas-based buyer’s agents who meet the NBAA’s standards for quality and expertise. You can also view a short video explaining what you need to know about the home-buying process in Texas.

Ready to land a great deal on the home of your dreams? Visit https://buyeragentsearch.com/associations-and-real-estate-agents/texas-buyers-agents-network to compare buyer’s agents in Texas.

Why should I use an NBAA buyer’s agent?

Currently, many consider the Houston property market to be favorable for buyers. This means the supply of homes in Houston exceeds demand, giving buyers the opportunity to negotiate lower prices with sellers. The NBAA’s guide makes it easier to find realtors in Houston who can skillfully help you navigate your real estate options and secure buyer-friendly terms.

The number of real estate professionals in Texas exceeds every other state except California and Florida. Of the 1.5 million realtors in the United States, around 150,000 are licensed to work in Texas.

Surrounded by an abundance of realtors and available properties, the NBAA’s catalogue of Houston real estate agents will help you narrow down your options quickly and efficiently. You can rest assured that your agent is qualified and deeply understands local property markets in Texas.

Plus, most Texas buyer’s agents get paid when you buy a home, so you typically don’t have to deal with upfront costs. They earn revenue when you secure a home, making it their top priority to help you reach your home ownership goals.

About the NBAA’s Texas buyer’s agent guide

The NBAA guide lists the first names and professional designations of buyer’s agents who work in Texas and are NBAA members. It also lists the areas and counties they serve, including Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, and dozens of other regions statewide. Each agent has included a message alongside their listing, elaborating on their business mission or services.

If that isn’t enough, the resource is completely free to use—no account, membership, or subscription is required. There’s no obligation to work with any of the agents listed.

Are NBAA buyer’s agents reliable?

The National Buyers Agents Association operates two online platforms, buyeragentsearch.com and nationalbuyersagents.org, that connect home buyers and sellers with experienced real estate agents.

An NBAA spokesperson said, “Our association has objectively vetted, rated, and reviewed top buyers agents in each state for over 23 years. Our primary focus and specialty is to give buyers the education to join as partners with their agents to get property at a fair price.”

The NBAA is managed by Skyfor, Inc., a licensed brokerage firm founded in 1998 by Kathleen Chiras. Skyfor, Inc. provides referrals for real estate professionals and manages consumer inquiries for several state buyer agent associations.

Get in touch with a qualified NBAA-member buyer’s agent today at https://buyeragentsearch.com/find-a-buyers-agent

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