What Is Domain Authority? How To Improve Google Ranking With Do-Follow Links

Nov 30, 2022

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What Is Domain Authority? How To Improve Google Ranking With Do-Follow Links

Whether you’ve got a new website that needs to rank higher, or you’re a local business falling behind the competition, boosting your domain authority can have a huge impact. This done-for-you system makes life a whole lot easier!

LinkDaddy uses high-authority sites and targeted backlinks to establish authority across industry fields. Four different options are available depending on how quickly results are required.

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The SEO service uses manually created accounts on notable sites with authority standings on Google. Each option has been selected for its effectiveness, domain rating, and metrics across industry authority indicators.

By using do-follow links, LinkDaddy emphasizes to Google that your site is worthy of increased attention. Over 5,000 posts can be created with content relevant to your business to underscore relevance and authority.

The service also includes detailed tracking and analytics, which can be read and measured through Google Sheets. It measures domain scores from one to 100, with the goal of obtaining the highest score for a more effective ranking.

As part of the service, LinkDaddy’s team will take a screenshot of your domain authority before the service begins. This can be measured against the improved score after each campaign. The agency uses Ahrefs, an industry-recognized tool for SEO, to track results.

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The Domain Power Booster package is a fully integrated solution that encompasses a variety of SEO and lead generation services provided by LinkDaddy. It can be combined with other solutions, including CTR manipulation, Google Maps ranking services, and local SEO backlinks.

A spokesperson for the company says: “Over the years I have noticed that a lot of websites have a very low domain rating. This greatly affects their chances of ranking in Google for important keywords that bring traffic to a website. Seeing this I started to do a lot of research to look at how I could help a business increase their domain rating in a safe and effective way. After many months of research and testing, I came up with a perfect solution.”

Do you want to gain traction faster and position yourself at the top of Google? This is the service you’ve been waiting for!

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