What Are the Top 5 Car Sealants of 2020?

May 16, 2020

So after a lot of testing it looks like The Last Coat stands on the top of the heap for now. You’ll need to try them to really see for yourself though.

It’s that time of year. New year, new ride. Here are the best bets for 2020s most powerful car products. Products were tested from around the world by some of the top manufacturers out there. Sure you will have the established household names like Meguiar’s, Griots, and Chemical Guys. But this time around there were some new kids on the block, and surprisingly, one of them took the top spot by a long shot.

Here are the 5 best professional sealant products for 2020:

1). THE LAST COAT (version 2) by THE LAST COAT

The best wax replacement since, well, ever. The Last Coat will blow you away in terms of effectiveness, durability, and especially the ease of use. This is the top sealant by far, and we expect it to hold the title for a very long time. It gave a very hard and mirror-like shine that was extremely durable and held up from the elements, washing, and much more. You may have seen some of the crazy, chemical torture tests for this product on Youtube. Well, there are no camera tricks there, this stuff is the real deal. And so much easier to apply than traditional wax; simply spray a few sprays onto a microfiber towel, wipe onto the surface, and then buff off.

What’s great to know is that The Last Coat was founded by a professional detailer with over 20,000 hours of real-world detailing experience, and the companies products are made 100% in the USA, out in sunny San Diego. This is refreshing since several companies simply produce private label stuff made in China.

The Last Coat has, at the time of this writing, over 3000 – 5-star reviews on their website, Amazon, Facebook, and the most third-party torture test features of any product on Youtube, done by some of the most highly respected Auto Detailing Youtube channels.

You can learn more about The Last Coat and all of their products here: Special Reader Pricing. (use coupon code SAVE15 to save 15% off at checkout).

[EDIT: The guys over at The Last Coat are offering readers 15% off any purchase. Click the link below and use the coupon code SAVE15 at checkout to save 15% off any purchase: CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE YOUR DISCOUNT.]


Hydrosilex is a car care company that has made a name for itself by producing a unique silica-based formula. The product is meant to be a temporary ceramic coating, with a much easier spray-on application. This silica-based Sio2 formula gives this Hydrosilex amazing hydrophobic qualities.


Meguiar’s was a family-owned car care business up until 2008 when it was purchased by 3M. Meguiar’s has an extensive product line (you can find them in many retail stores) and this is a solid addition to their line. This product has a similar formula to other Polymer-based formulas known for its hydrophobic capabilities. The downside is the application is quite messy (it’s not a spray-on formula) and must be essentially applied and fully buffed like traditional car wax.


CarGuys is a relatively new entrant in the car care industry. Their products are predominately sold on Amazon and they’ve amassed a strong following there. Their Liquid Wax product advertises getting a wax shine with added synthetic protection from its polymer formula. We tried this product and got really solid results. The shine looked great and after a few weeks, the coat still seemed very hydrophobic. The only downside is it’s a liquid-based formula, so it must be carefully applied, as opposed to a spray-on formula.


Zaino has been in the car care industry for many years. The brand is strictly web-based and has been featured in some popular automotive magazines. Their Grand Finale product is a spray sealant and claims to give a high gloss, deep “wet” finish, thanks to its synthetic polymer formula.

Z-8 will get you solid results. The shine looks great and after a few weeks, the coat still seemed very much intact and continues to bead water. The only downside is it was a bit hard to apply it evenly, so they recommend diluting the solution if you have difficulty applying evenly.

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