Wear A Banarasi Sari With Sea Green Embroidery At Your Next Indian Wedding

Jul 5, 2022

If you’ve got an Indian wedding to attend this summer, you need Chiro’s By Jigyasa and their new line of unforgettable wedding sarees.

Wear A Banarasi Sari With Sea Green Embroidery At Your Next Indian Wedding

The old adage says that you shouldn’t outshine the bride on her wedding day, but with Chiro’s By Jigyasa glamorous new sari range, your luster will truly be brilliant!

All of their elegant and ornate sarees are designed to be totally ready to wear. As such, they come complete with stitched blouses, with a color-coordinated hand-stitched fall to protect the bottom of the sari and also with pico edging. This means that after purchase, you do not need to spend any time or money having the saree finished or altered.

Go to https://chirosbyjigyasa.com/collections/banarasi-sarees to find out more.

The launch of this collection coincides with the arrival of the high summer wedding season. With 2022 dubbed the year of the wedding, Chiro’s By Jigyasa knows that women of Indian origin across the country are attending weddings in droves this July to September.

The store is proud to be offering you the finest quality sarees in an array of vivid and striking yet timeless designs and colors.

A special addition to their new wedding line is their beautiful Banarasi sarees with traditional diamond-shaped weaves. If you are looking to make a statement, the store is proud to offer you their Banarasi Katan Silk Sari In Yellow. This glamorous, rich yellow dress is accented by sumptuous gold edging and embroidery.

Another sari that is sure to turn heads is Banarasi Malai Silk Sari in Blue. With contrasting royal blue and hot pink silks, you’ll love this sari if you enjoy the spotlight.

If you are looking for a more pastel color palette, Chiro’s By Jigyasa recommends their Tissue Banarasi Sari With Embroidery in Sea Green. This dreamy saree will drape you in gauze-like fabric in complementary hues of light gold and warm sage, with hand-embroidered lotus flower accents in muted pink and sea green.

Inspired by the dusky hues of an Indian summer sunset, the Katan Silk Banarasi Sari in Brown similarly balances its understated deep tan silk with warm pink and subtle gold highlights.

Whatever color and style you are looking for, Chiro’s By Jigyasa believes you can find it in their expansive collection of luxurious, high-quality handcrafted sarees.

Chiro’s By Jigyasa is a dedicated retailer of Indian fashion for both special occasions and daily wear. They offer fast and affordable shipping across the country.

A spokesperson for the store said, “Chiro’s is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the richness of Indian culture and traditions. Our products are designed to make you look and feel your best, while helping you stay connected to your roots. Our mission is to provide stunning Indian fashion to women all over the US.”

There is no doubt that a special day demands a special sari. If you want to shine bright at the next wedding you attend, visit Chiro’s By Jigyasa.

Go to https://chirosbyjigyasa.com/collections/banarasi-sarees to pick out your favorite sari today.

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