Waukesha’s Best Window Cleaning Company Washes Glass, Casements, Sills & Tracks

Apr 23, 2024

Spring is here! Are your windows ready? If not, call the window cleaning experts at Crystal Vista Window Cleaning (262-271-2731) in Waukesha, WI!

Dirty windows can make your home look really shabby. Thankfully, there are companies out there like Crystal Vista Window Cleaning that want to help you prevent this from happening! The Waukesha, WI residential window cleaning experts offer three window cleaning packages, all designed to remove grime and filth from your windows and have them looking clear ahead of the spring and summer months.

Learn more about their window cleaning packages by visiting https://www.crystalvistawc.com/what-sets-window-washing-apart-from-cleaning

Window Cleaning = Not Window Washing

Not to be confused with window washing (which is only concerned with the glass portion of a window), window cleaning covers every component of a window, from the glass and frame to the tracks and sill. The purpose of window cleaning is to remove any caked-on dirt, hard water stains, paint, and concrete.

“If you want to keep your windows consistently looking good, our professional window cleaning packages are right for you,” explained a spokesperson for Crystal Vista Window Cleaning. “Think of our services as an investment in the aesthetics, longevity, and overall appeal of your home.”

The Packages

Crystal Vista Window Cleaning’s three window cleaning packages are Basic, Deluxe, and Premium. With the Basic package, you only get your exterior glass, frames, and sills cleaned. The Deluxe and Premium packages cover your interior glass, frames, sills, and screens as well as exteriors. The only difference between these two packages is the equipment they use and the depth of the frame cleaning.

The Equipment

Crystal Vista Window Cleaning uses squeegees, microfiber cloths, and soft brushes in conjunction with specialized cleaning solutions carefully formulated to leave no streaks behind. They also have access to a Xero Screen Cleaning Machine, which offers a more thorough cleaning of window screens. Go to https://www.crystalvistawc.com/window-cleaning-waukesha to check out all their tools of the trade!

The Benefits

Routine window cleaning not only allows you to enjoy the world outside your window, it also makes your home a much warmer and more welcoming place to be. Furthermore, by keeping your windows clean, you elevate the aesthetic appeal of your property, which can have a significant impact on its value. Lastly, clean windows have been shown to play a factor when it comes to reducing utility bills, as things like air conditioners and heaters (in the colder months) don't have to be used as frequently.

“Crystal Vista Window Cleaning just cleaned our windows and they are now so clear they actually sparkle,” said a satisfied customer. “Their team was efficient, polite, and incredibly respectful of our property. We also have lots of windows, and not once did they shirk their responsibilities and do a lesser job. We would highly recommend them.”

Crystal Vista Window Cleaning has been providing customers in Waukesha and the surrounding areas with professional window cleaning services since 2013. In addition to window cleaning, the company also offers gutter cleaning, house soft washing, and much more.

Head on over to https://www.crystalvistawc.com and schedule your first window cleaning appointment today!

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