Wasatch Front Top Digital Agency Offers Website Retargeting For Small Businesses

Aug 10, 2023

Most customers who visit your website will not contact you unless you reach back out to them. Silicon Slopes Marketing Co. (385)-235-6757 offers proprietary website retargeting to help you convert past website visitors into present-day customers or clients.

Nothing is more frustrating for a small business than having many people visit their website without making a single purchase, or reaching out. The truth is, it is totally normal for more than 96% of your web page visitors to leave without taking any action at all.

The certified digital marketing experts at Silicon Slopes Marketing Co. have developed a proprietary website retargeting technology to solve this issue. By selecting this service, you can reach out to your customers with targeted ads for a full three months after they leave your web page.

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With under 12% of websites currently employing retargeting, the technology offered by Silicon Slopes Marketing Co. can help your small businesses stand out. The company conducted research on over 10,000 existing online banner ads when developing its own updated banner ad technology. Silicon Slopes Marketing Co. also conducts split testing technology so the agency can determine which of its customized ads works best.

Studies show that retargeted ads can be highly effective. 75% of surveyed customers say they notice retargeted ads and 65% say they consider ads for products they previously viewed on a web page. The effectiveness of retargeted ads makes them a potentially cost-effective way for you to convert customers.

You can choose from various tiers of website targeting services. The company's more sophisticated offerings are the 10X Program and 5X Program. Both of these include numerous customized advertising sales funnels that are delivered on a timed basis. The agency also offers an entry-level 1X Program w/ 3 Ad Rotation that can be a cost-effective option if you have a low-traffic website.

The company offers 100% free consultations that typically take just 15 minutes. Their program is fully compatible with Pay Per Click and Google Ad Words, meaning website targeting could complement your existing marketing strategies instead of having to totally replace them.

Silicon Slopes Marketing Co. can provide you with various other digital marketing services in addition to its website retargeting solutions. This includes developing video content designed to increase landing page conversion rates, review management and marketeign services, and various social media marketing services.

About Silicon Slopes Marketing Co.

The online marketing experts at Silicon Slopes Marketing Co. have years of industry experience. The company’s founder worked for various Fortune 500 companies before launching Silicon Slopes Marketing Co. to help small businesses that are seeking to stay competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Silicon Slopes Marketing Co.’s proprietary website retargeting technology is part of its suite of services that help businesses find, engage, and convert ideal customers.

A Utah business owner reviewed the digital services they received from Silicon Slopes Marketing Co., stating, “They always tackle our hardest problems, and never try to sell us something that doesn't fit for us. Very solution oriented.”

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