Wake County Pest Control Services: Get Rid Of Paper Wasps & Bald-Faced Hornets

Apr 23, 2024

It’s that time of year when wasps and hornets come out to play! Is your home protected? If not, call the extermination experts at Holly Springs Pest Control (919-446-3326) in Wake County, NC.

Bees are annoying enough — you don't need angry wasps and hornets flying around your home too! The best way to keep your home protected from pesky wasps and hornets is to hire a professional exterminator like Holly Springs Pest Control! They provide affordable child- and pet-friendly ways of keeping your property free of stinging insects common to North Carolina like paper wasps and bald-faced hornets.

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It's Wasp & Hornet Season!

As temperatures across North Carolina continue to rise in the coming months, wasps and hornets will start emerging from their hibernation. Naturally, they will search out areas where they can build their nests and have constant access to food and water. More often than not, these areas will be in and around homes, often in eaves, decks, garages, sheds, and garbage hubs.

“Stinging insects typically build their nests near humans because they usually have several things on their properties that attracted them there in the first place,” explained a spokesperson for Holly Springs Pest Control. “In order to prevent stinging insects from choosing your property as their home, you need to make your yard unappealing to them.”

No Stone Left Unturned!

Some of the ways that Holly Springs Pest Control makes your property unappealing to wasps and hornets include the use of sprays, dusts, powders, and traps. They'll also canvas your property to reduce potential food sources, eliminate any excess moisture, and minimize the number of places where they can establish nests.

Should a nest be discovered on your property, they also have several different extraction techniques they can use to remove it. In most cases, an insecticide is used first to incapacitate the wasps or hornets. Once they are neutralized, Holly Springs Pest Control will determine what tools are best for extraction and disposal.

Know What You're Dealing With!

As previously mentioned, the two most common species of stinging insects in North Carolina are paper wasps and bald-faced hornets. Paper wasps have brown and yellow markings and usually grow to about 3/4 of an inch. They get their name because of the paper-like appearance of their nests. Bald-faced hornets are slightly smaller in size, but thinner and much darker in color (they almost look black from afar).

Because both paper wasps and bald-faced hornets become aggressive when threatened, Holly Springs Pest Control recommends that you don’t try to remove nests on your own, especially if you are allergic to stings.

“The flowers around my property attract wasps and hornets so I called Holly Springs Pest Control to see what they could do for me,” said a satisfied client. “They set me up with some basic preventative measures that did what they were supposed to do and didn’t cause any harm to my flowers or the ecosystems around them. I haven’t even seen a wasp or hornet in the last few months and I have Holly Springs Pest Control to thank for that.”

About Holly Springs Pest Control

Holly Springs Pest Control has been providing clients with professional extermination services since 2004. In addition to wasps and hornets, the company also handles ants, spiders, mosquitoes, roaches, rodents, fleas, ticks, and bed bugs.

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