Vivid Data Group Offers End of Life Replacement Options For Datamax Thermal Printer

Mar 22, 2021

Datamax Thermal Printers End of Life Replacements Options. Contact Vivid Data Group Today for A Free Consultation.

Honeywell has announced the decision to End-of-Life (EOL) the Datamax thermal desktop and industrial label printer lines. As of January 1, 2022, Honeywell will no longer accept orders. SATO has a complete product offering to replace these Datamax thermal printers that are listed on the EOL products product list. However, this is not just a replacement of your Datamax thermal printer - this is an upgrade to the thermal printer experience with a SATO thermal printer.

The SATO thermal printer units are designed with the operator and your plant productivity in mind. Ruggedly built and equipped with easy-to-understand features and interfaces, printing labels will no longer be a hassle that everyone dreads. Your operators are not professional printers or printer technicians. From simplified set-up to quality construction and ease of maintenance, these printers are self-reliant, durable, and endlessly eager to work.

If you currently have an E-Class Mark III Datamax thermal printer, then there are a couple of options for you to choose from depending on your requirements. The SATO WS4 thermal printer is a flexible and versatile choice. It has a large ribbon capacity of 984 feet which will minimize changeover of the ribbon rolls. It has an optional External Media Stand which can increase both ribbon capacity and provide the ability to use larger 8-inch outside diameter media rolls - these are the industry standard in thermal labels and are priced more competitively. This allows the WS4 to expand its capability to what is normally present in larger industrial printer models at a fraction of the price. The WS4 has an easy, operator-level replacement process for its print head and platen roller. This minimizes downtime that would normally be required to schedule and have an outside provider perform routine maintenance. The WS4 printer has a variety of connectivity options, with USB, RS232, and Ethernet interfaces being standard for the printer. It also has available optional Bluetooth or 802.11 WLAN communication interfaces further expanding its versatility.

Also, as a replacement for the E-Class Mark III Datamax thermal printer, the SATO CT4-LX is a great option. The SATO CT4-LX thermal printer raises the bar for competitors in the desktop barcode label printer market. This printer offers a 4-inch width, with many features and functionality only found in industrial printer models - all packaged together into a compact chassis. The CT4-LX thermal printer is equipped with a full-color touchscreen display to provide easy-to-understand user feedback. It also has the latest wireless connectivity options for flexible placement in your facility. SATO also included its patented label waste prevention feature to keep your costs down. Finally, you will love that it is easy to operate and maintain with end-user replaceable printhead and platen rollers. This means less down time and increased productivity.

For larger industrial printing needs, the CL4NX Plus is the next model in this product series and showcases the best aspects of today’s printing technology. It will support up to 10-inch (254mm) OD of media and 1968-foot (600m) ribbon, decreasing time spent loading labels and replacing ribbon. It also incorporates SATO’s Smart Print head technology which keeps track of usage specific to the print head that is installed, providing valuable data on printhead usage. The platen roller has a Pure Line indicator that has a visual wear indicator so users can know when it's necessary to replace it. When that time comes, the CL4NX Plus is one of the easiest industrial printer models on the market. Replacing the print head and platen roller only require snapping the old one out and then the new one in, with no tools required.

For H-Class Datamax thermal transfer printer replacement, you need look no further than the rugged performance of the SATO M84Pro thermal printer. With a heavy-duty metal industrial construction and proven rugged reliable design, it can meet the most demanding of conditions in your facility. It features high performance and ultimate flexibility, with resolution determined by the print head that is installed in the printer. This can be changed in the field simply by installing the desired print head. Easily configure the resolution between 203, 305, and 609 dpi and print at speeds of 10, 8 and 6 inches per second for the speed and readability required for your application. The resolution of the printhead is automatically detected by the printer and the appropriate controlling firmware is loaded. The front panel controls and the DIP switches allow for the user to easily program all printer parameters. The onboard memory contains all popular barcodes for your labels, and fourteen human-readable fonts to enhance lettering, including a vector font and two raster fonts.

SATO offers the latest in direct thermal and thermal transfer technology with standard features that are unequaled by the competition. Operating the printer is no longer a chore or a challenge, but a tool to enable your supply chain to meet deadlines and expectations. Setup, Operation, and Maintenance have been made easy and intuitive, no longer requiring a technical expert and a bag full of tools.

All SATO printers are equipped with on-board emulations that provide direct interpretation of existing data strings, offering a plug-and-play replacement when switching to a SATO printer. Find the SATO model that corresponds to your current Datamax-O’Neil / Honeywell equipment. Don’t just replace, upgrade today!

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