Vista Heights, Calgary Auto Mechanic: Get The Best Solutions For Your Car Or SUV

Oct 30, 2021

Looking for the best auto inspection and repair shop in Vista Heights, Calgary? Call Cetus Automotive Repair Centre today and get treated to upgraded facilities and the friendliest service in town!

You'll get all the services you need in one place - and you'll be working with award-winning mechanics for guaranteed satisfaction.

The Vista Heights auto shop's new service provides you with fast and efficient inspections and repairs, if necessary, thanks to its on-site machine shop and comprehensive range of general and specialty auto repair services.

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Cetus Auto’s new Alberta Out of Province Inspection is a thorough inspection of your vehicle to confirm that it is in good working condition, and safe for Alberta roads. The company’s car repair technicians will verify the integrity of all relevant components, including brakes, tires, drivetrain, steering, and exhaust. Car repair, inspection, and servicing ultimately concern one overriding issue - your safety.

While most road accidents are caused by human error, vehicle integrity is critical for the safety of every passenger. Vista Heights, home to Cetus Automotive Repair Centre in NE Calgary, is itself bound by one of the most dangerous intersections in all of Canada, the Trans-Canada and trans-Alberta Highways.

If a car or truck is coming from out of province and needs to be registered in Alberta, it is mandatory to pass an out of province inspection. Cetus Auto technicians have over 50 years of experience working on vehicles of all makes and models. In the event your automobile fails its inspection, they will be certain to get the necessary repairs completed for you in a timely manner.

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In addition to standard repairs, Cetus Automotive Repair Centre offers specialty services that include cam-phaser delete/lockout, GDI engine maintenance, and spark plug thread repair. Its fully renovated shop with 20 bays also enables the company to service and turn around fleet vehicles quickly and efficiently.

Winner of multiple Consumer Choice Awards and a BBB Torch Award, Cetus Auto is a one-stop, full-service automotive repair shop. The company maintains state-of-the-art equipment and a continuous education incentive program to ensure quality workmanship and happy employees. Furthermore, they will never undertake any work on your car without prior approval.

One customer remarked: “Love the people at Cetus. They always do right by us. Friendly, courteous, and professional. Pretty much our whole family goes here to service our vehicles. When they give you a quote they don’t go over it.”

You can depend on Cetus Auto to always go the extra mile for you, so call them today at 403-235-2912 for all your auto repair and inspection needs.

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