ViSi Wireless Patient Monitoring Technology Can Save US Healthcare Workers

Jan 27, 2021

In the face of the pandemic which continues to rage all around us, San Diego-based Sotera Wireless has launched a revolutionary new wireless patient monitoring system designed to keep both patients and clinicians safe.

2020 was a year that put the American healthcare system and its tireless workers under more strain than ever before, and there looks to be no end in sight in 2021. Luckily, Sotera Wireless has a solution that can track patient vitals while protecting healthcare personnel from infection.

Sotera Wireless, a San Diego-based biotechnology company has developed their ViSi Mobile® System which provides clinicians like you and your colleagues with continuous wireless surveillance monitoring of patients’ vital signs, thus minimizing the need for face to face interactions.

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The announcement coincides with the dire challenges which continue to be faced by hospitals and healthcare professionals in the face of the ongoing, and worsening, global pandemic. 

According to recent CDC tallying, as of December 2020, there have been 955 deaths and more than 288,000 infections of health care personnel just like you. Although the vaccination program has recently begun, all research indicates that it will not come soon enough to protect all of those healthcare workers on the frontline. 

As such, Sotera Wireless’s solution can allow you to remotely monitor patient vitals. The sophisticated wireless device not only gives you a constant stream of data to help monitor vital sign trends but also identifies early signs of deterioration in patients. 

More specifically, the ViSi Mobile® System monitors patients’ blood oxygenation, respiratory rate, skin temperature, heart rate and pulse rate, and continuous non-invasive blood pressure. 

Featuring tetherless wearable sensors that allow for complete freedom of movement (the patient can even take a shower), the technology has been designed with patients’ comfort and recovery in mind, reducing the discomfort and expense of other traditional monitoring solutions. 

The ViSi Mobile® System can be customized to each care unit’s needs. The ease with which it can be deployed and set up, as well as its scale, represents a significant potential for the reduction of close patient-clinician contact thus also helping with the current staffing shortages and reducing the risk of infection transmission.

Sotera Wireless is dedicated to delivering breakthrough technologies in the medical field which can assist in detecting early signs of patient deterioration in any acute care setting. Their technologies are currently in use by a number of major healthcare providers across the US including specific COVID-19 alternative care facilities.

A spokesperson for the company said that the new ViSi Mobile® System “Improves patient safety by minimizing alarm burden and maximizing clinical workflow while reducing exposure to infected patients.”

Don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk for another moment, minimize your risk of exposure, and maximize your treatment efficiency with Sotera Wireless’s sophisticated solution. 

If you are an exhausted health care worker you deserve nothing but the best technology supporting you. Go to the website above to see how the ViSi Mobile® System can lighten your load and keep you in good health.

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